Planned-Perfectly Linen's Grand Opening Event






Table Concept & Design by Events by Emma and Floral Elements, Photos by Jeremy Hiebert Photography

Planned-Perfectly Linens Grand Opening Event: DAY ONE

Last night I attended the first night of Planned-Perfectly’s three day Grand Opening Event. Despite the snow and icy roads many made it out to view her luxurious line of linens and chair covers. Kylee and her team did a fantastic job of setting some really unique and beautiful tables for guests to view and I had the privilege of being present and designing a unqiue and fun table for the event as well.

My final inspiration/theme for my table design was “JAI HO….@ the Oscar’s with Slumdog Millionaire”. The English translation for “Jai Ho” is a victory shout like “Hurray!”, “Praise be!”,”It Rocks!”

Many thanks to Gloria and Deb from FLORAL ELEMENTS who created my centrepiece. I am always amazed at their work and attention to detail and they never throw me out their door when I come up with these unusual design concepts. If you haven’t seen the Indian Elephants they did for my Wedding Show booth you must go into my portfolio and take a look.

Also in attendance was Jeremy Hiebert from JEREMY HIEBERT PHOTOGRAPHY and he took the amazing shots of the table above. Jeremy is a wonderfully talented local photographer and a preferred vendor of Events by Emma.

PLANNED-PERFECTLY LINENS still has two more nights of their Grand Opening extravaganza, tonight they are expecting over a hundred brides and tomorrow there is still room to RSVP to attend.

I hope to see you there.








Planned-Perfectly Linens is a Winnipeg based custom linen rental company, offering luxurious linen selections with a wide variety of colours, styles and fabrics to choose from. Planned-Perfectly offers one of the largest selections of quality linens and chair covers in Manitoba!

Over the past year, Events by Emma has formed a fantastic working relationship with Planned-Perfectly and has exclusively used their linens and custom draping for many of our events. They have even custom designed and hand stitched table linens for some of our upscale parties and private functions. All of our clients have been thrilled with the amazing looks we have created for them utilizing Planned-Perfectly Linens.

Owner-Decorator Kylee Houlahan and her team pay close attention to details…from beautiful tables and chairs to amazing ceilings and backdrops, Planned-Perfectly ensures every little detail is just right. Kylee also is in tune with hot industry trends while also setting some of her own. I happy to recommend Kylee and Planned-Perfectly to all of my clients and know that each event will be spectacular with her dressing my tables, chairs and more!

Planned-Perfectly will be hosting their GRAND OPENING EVENT of their NEW Showroom and Warehouse located at Unit 16-199 Omands Creek Boulevard on February 24-25-26, 2009 from 4:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. each day. Join Kylee and the team for refreshments, samples and much more. To to RSVP please call 204.831.6490 or visit

Events by Emma will be creating and designing a very unique table for the Grand Opening Event so come out and visit us as well!

Inspiration Friday….Vintage is back!

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Photos by OnceWed, Flickr


Wow! Where has this week gone! I can hardly believe its Friday already and once again time to share some of my favourite inspirations with you. I love sharing all of these ideas and photos in hopes they will inspire you as you dream up your next event.

It’s becoming more obvious each day…Vintage is back! And I absolutely love it. Whether you’re looking for true vintage, retro chic vintage or old Hollywood vintage, today’s event and wedding market has everything to fit your needs. Everything from vintage gowns, jewelry, cakes, cars, linens and of course vintage inspired floral design and vases.

Today, I want to share my favourite vintage vases and floral clustering ideas……oh and one wedding bouquet I just love.

Vintage vases filled with fresh-from-the-garden flowers, mismatched china in bright colors are the hot centrepiece trend for this coming summer. The classic floral vase has given way to mix-and-matched clusters of vintage pitchers, vases, jars, and galvanized buckets. Other ideas: apothecary jars with colorful rocks, sand, or even candy; uniquely shaped glass vases featuring fresh fruits like raspberries and blueberries; and mason jars loaded with fresh flowers like daisies and dahlias. To throw extra color or texture into the mix, line your flower-filled vases with patterned paper or even fabric. For a wintertime fete, get knit and sweater-like coverings to line your vases and complement a cozy decor.

Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Resources & Photos: Anja Winikka and The Knot and Martha Stewart Weddings

Event Lighting….From Mundane To Magical






Photos by Luminous Designs
Over the years, I have learned never to under estimate the power of proper and well selected lighting for my events. After many years of renting, testing and mixing many different styles and types of lights, I have finally decided it was time to purchase some of my own and I thought I would share with you how important lighting is to events.
Event Lighting adds warmth, energy, beauty, excitement and glamour. In conjunction with your linens, florals and even china selections the right lighting can transform a venue into a complete environment. Lighting effects can be created simply by washing the walls with colour from uplights to more complex designs and images projected on the walls and dance floor. There are many technical challenges involved with event lighting and it is best to leave your lighting needs to a professional planner with experience in lighting their events and/or experienced and qaulified event lighting technician/company.
A Glossary of Light

  • Colour Wash – a diffuse, even application of light, usually achieved by covering a light with a gel. It can warm up a room or create special effects. Typically, a wash is used on a dance floor or against fabric on a wall or ceiling. Colour "wheels" can make the room slowly change colours over the course of the evening.
  • Gels – Layers of acetate placed over lights to change their colour. A soft peach or pink gel casts a glow flattering enough to make everyone in the room look better. Gels can also be used to create special effects, turning white columns in a room to purple.
  • Gobos– one of the most popluar lighting techniques for weddings, a gobo is a die-cut stencil that slides into a projection unit and casts an image onto the wall or the ground. Most commonly, couples have their monogram or names projected onto the dance floor, onto a wall, or onto the lawn. Gobos with stock images are inexpensive, but custom four-colour gobos (made from an image you supply) can get pricey.
  • Intelligent Lights/Automated Lighting – a computerized lighting system that allows you to change colour and texture at the touch of a button, intelligent lights can slowly move and change colour, so they’re great for late night dance floors. They require a technician, part of the reason they are pricey.
  • Landscape Lighting – exterior lighting for pathways, trees, bushes, lawns and swimming pools. It’s often needed so guests can find their way, but can also be employed to create dramatic effects.
  • Pin Spotting – A narrow field of light used to pick out and highlight an item. Frequently used on centrepieces, the cake, the alter, or the chuppah, pin spotting is also an effective way to draw attention to beautiful architectural elements in the room or to aisle markers.
  • Spotlights – sometimes used to draw people’s attnetion to special entertainment or to the couple during their first dance, a single, focused beam of light.
  • Twinkle Lights – small gold lights usually strung in tress or shrubs. Can also be used indoors, either in trees or to wrap columns or accent fabric on the ceiling. They can create a romantic fairy-tale look when used with restraint; don’t overdo it, as too many twinkly lights can give a cheap Chistmassy look.
  • Underlighting – Typically used to light a glass table from below. Can also be used under flower arrangements, particularly those where the water is visible, to give a warm glow.
  • Up-lighting – soft lighting aimed upward, usually at tall props like a chuppah. With a coloured gel, up-lighting is commonly used to add colour to fabric draping the walls or ceiling of a room.

Glossary Resource, The Wedding Book by Mindy Wiess with Lisbeth Levine p.320-321
One of my favourite and inspirational lighting design companies is located in New York, Luminous Designs does a spectacular job of using all of these lighting techniques for their clients events. I have attached some photos of their work for you to enjoy!

Happy Louis Riel Day!

daryl mitchell.jpg

Photo by Daryl Mitchell

Happy Louis Riel Day Everyone!….I hope you have a great day with your family and friends. Dannie and I plan on taking the kids outside to enjoy some of this great Manitoba weather while it lasts!

Today is a great day to plan an event celebrating everything Manitoban! Do you know why we celebrate this day? or why the name was chosen as our new February long weekend holiday? Here’s some information and a great site to check out.

Who Was Louis Riel?

Born in 1844, Louis Riel was the eldest son of a prominent St. Boniface Métis family. At 14, he was sent to Montreal to train for priesthood. By 1868, he had left school and was back in St. Boniface supporting his recently widowed mother and siblings.

Riel found the Red River Métis distressed by Canada’s plans to annex Hudson’s Bay Company lands. They feared losing traditional lands and livelihoods. An 1869 land survey by the Government of Canada stirred Riel into action. He formed a militia, turned back surveyors, took possession of Upper Fort Garry and began the Red River Resistance.

During the winter of 1869-1870, Riel, just 25 years old, formed a provisional government and presented Canada with a Bill of Rights that, on May 12, became the Manitoba Act, 1870. Riel’s provisional government approved it on June 24 and the act came into effect on July 15.

Unfortunately, while his provisional government negotiated with Canada during the winter of 1870, Riel allowed an agitator to be tried and executed for insubordination. Vilified in eastern Canada for the execution, Riel feared lynching by the approaching Wolseley expedition and fled to the U.S. in August 1870.

In following years, Riel was elected to the Canadian Parliament and denied his seat on three occasions. In 1874, he was convicted of murder and sentenced to death for the 1870 execution. Within months, Riel received amnesty on the condition that he remain in exile for five years.

In 1884, Riel was raising a family and living in Montana as an American. Asked to negotiate for Saskatchewan Métis as he had done at Red River, Riel saw opportunity to create a Métis homeland, but Canada sent soldiers instead of negotiators. Métis resistance was defeated in the North-West Rebellion at Batoche in May 1885. Found guilty of high treason and hanged in Regina, Riel’s life ended November 16, 1885.

Today, Louis Riel is widely regarded as the Father of Manitoba.

Visit the following site for more information on Louis Riel Day.

HAPPY VALENTINE'S… Cookie Recipe With Love

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Happy Valentines…

What have you got planned with your loved ones???

I’ve planned for a no work day (I’m even turning off the computer…right after I post this blog) except for planning fun activities and a whole day with my three kids and hubby!

I am planning on making these cookies with my daughter for dessert later today. I found the recipe on one of my favourite sites Every Day with Rachel Ray.

See below for the recipe and directions. Enjoy.

Love E

Cornmeal Linzer Hearts

by Tracey Seaman and Diana Sturgis

From Every Day with Rachael Ray

December-January 2009


Prep Time: 30 min (plus chilling and cooling)

Bake Time: 15 min

1 1/2 cups blanched almonds

3/4 cup plus 1 tablespoon granulated sugar

1 1/2 cups flour

1/2 cup cornmeal

1/4 teaspoon salt

1 1/2 sticks (6 ounces) unsalted butter, thinly sliced

1 tablespoon grated lemon peel

1 large egg

1/3 cup seedless raspberry jam

Confectioners’ sugar, for dusting

1. Position racks in the upper and lower thirds of the oven and preheat to 325°. Line 2 cookie sheets with parchment paper. Using a food processor, grind the almonds with 1 tablespoon granulated sugar. Transfer to a large bowl; whisk in the flour, cornmeal and salt

2. Using a food processor, combine the butter, lemon peel and remaining 3/4 cup granulated sugar until creamy. Scrape down the bowl, add the egg and process until combined. Stir into the flour mixture. Quarter the dough, cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for 20 minutes.

3. On a lightly floured surface, using a floured rolling pin, roll out one-quarter of the dough into a 9-inch round. Using a 2 1/2-inch heartshaped cookie cutter, cut out cookies and, using a metal spatula, transfer to a prepared cookie sheet. Repeat with the remaining dough. Bake until lightly colored, about 15 minutes; transfer to a rack to cool.

4. Spread the flat side of half of the cookies with about 1 teaspoon jam; sandwich with the remaining cookies. Dust lightly with the confectioners’ sugar.

YUMMY! Enjoy.







Photos by Gemma Comas


TGIF…………I just ran out of my office and grabbed two cookies from my meeting area. I definitely need a bit of sugar and some tea to keeping me plugging through this day. My new sugar high………has inspired me to share this inspiration with you today.

I just love these spectacular dessert and candy tables by Amy Atlas – a New York event planner who specializes on over the top displays of dessert finery!

Have a great weekend.



Anetkak, flickr.jpg



As professional event planners the consultants at Events by Emma will work with you to handle as much or as little of your event as you wish. After all, it is your event. The planner is there to advise you and make the event as perfect and problem free as possible.


You certainly can do the planning yourself, and that sometimes is part of the fun. But it also can be a hassle: checking out many sources for each vendor category, making sure all the details are in place and worrying about whether you’re getting the best deal and whether everything will turn out all right. Events by Emma has the training and experience to make it all come together while you relax.


Events by Emma clients are provided access to a portfolio of local vendors including: venues, decorators, printers, designers, photographers, caterers, florists, musicians and many more services in the event community. An event planner is your researcher who helps you to find the service professionals who will meet your timelines, needs, style, taste and most importantly your budget.


You should have some agreement in writing. Events by Emma provides all clients with a formal service agreement. This agreement spells out fees, payments, schedules and what each of you will do.


You should be comfortable with the person. You will be spending a lot of time together planning a major event. Also, it is important that your planner have training and experience in planning the type of event your thinking of hosting.


Your event budget goes further with Events by Emma. And, you are given a comprehensive budget planner that allows you to determine your estimated costs. Event service providers know a professional planner will continue using their product and services as long as they provide their clients with quality at a fair price. Events by Emma does not receive any form of kickbacks from its vendors, any and all savings are passed directly to our clients.


Events by Emma charges an hourly rate or a fixed fee, or a combination of both for its services. An event planner should be part of your budget, not an extra expense. In fact, you often save money because an event planner suggests affordable alternatives that still enhance your event. The professional event planner will work with you to produce your dream event, including the planning fees, all within your budget.


Events by Emma works with many different vendors and service providers. We have experience to know who is the best suited for your event. The event planner’s reputation depends on the quality of the services you receive.


Average events can take more than 200 hours just to plan. Ask yourself if you can afford that time away from your work, family etc. Events by Emma has the knowledge and experience to take your ideas, dreams and concepts and make them a reality.


The event week is full of last minute details that must come together, not by chance….. but by clear decisions and orchestration. Keeping everyone on task for the event can be stressful, but it’s a normal day’s work for a qualified and experienced event planner.



once wed, pink peonies, flickr.jpg

Photo by OnceWed, Flickr


Today was a busy day with the kids and meetings and ended with a small social event hosted by one of my past clients. As I was doing the networking thing……someone asked me out of the blue “tell me the five key things to planning and designing a great party!” …… My initial thoughts were “wow, what a question!” and “hire an event planner!”…..but to answer her question the following spewed out of my mouth in a much more condensed version.

From the initial invitation to the on-site affair, any event you plan and stage is a reflection of your style, personality and/or company’s image. Special events are loaded with a myriad of moving parts, and they must come off without a hitch.

To create an event that is spectacular from beginning to end there are FIVE essential elements:

Lighting – is an element that most people forget about. Special lighting choices can help guests feel welcomed, warm and invoke pleasant feelings. From focusing on a centrepiece to washing the entire ceiling or backdrop. Candles are also beautiful and add layers to a beautifully lit room.

Colour – can have a powerful effect on human emotions and can invoke certain feelings depending on the shades and hues used.

Texture – can set the style and tone of a party and heighten guests senses of touch and smell. Table linens, napkins, flowers and props and show off your personality or event theme while creating unique and interesting ambiance that will have your guests talking. I also love using a few scented candles, that envoke the feel I am after.

Element of Surprise – some of the most exciting parties and events include mystery and surprises for guests.

Visual Drama – is a major component, it is important to enhance and take advantage of the scale and specific venue…..for example, in facilities that have high ceilings work with your event planner/decorator to design centrepieces and ceiling decor to help fill in the vast empty space. Fabric hung just right from a ceiling can help bring the ceiling down, soften the room and create a more intimate space for guests.

(there are a few more steps….but we’ll just concentrate on these five for now)

By the way ……she took my card at the end of the night.

Resource/Inspiration for Blog: The Art of Event Design, by Lisa Cook and Leslie Williams


Webbelina, flickr.jpg


In today’s economy, saving money and reducing costs is the name of the game. Many of my client’s are trying to maximize their budgets while still achieving a remarkable event that is worth raving about.

Here are TEN great ideas on how to make your dollars stretch.

1. Cut the guest list. Review and revamp until you have a pared-down list of the must invites.

2. Make sure you submit an accurate estimate of attendee count to the venue.

3. Select an event venue that does not require tons of decor. For example a museum or park can offer plenty to look at. You can make a big impact by using large-scale decor items, instead of many smaller decorations.

4. Shorten the length of the event to save on food and beverage costs. For a gala, holiday party, picnic or similar event four to five hours is usually plenty. Limiting the time of the event keeps the costs down and energy high; guests will leave wanting more. They will walk away on a high note, looking forward to the next event.

5. Host beer and wine only rather than a full open bar. Create a signature cocktail to add flair and complement the event’s theme. A signature drink can require one kind alcohol and can reflect the theme, colour and style of your event.

6. Host the event on an off-peak day or season. For evening events, Saturday night is typically the premier choice so a Thursday, Friday or Sunday night event may present significant value.

7. Skip elaborate invitations and print on beautiful recycled paper or use electronic invitations. Do you really need a super-heavy cardstock, double envelope with liner, velum layers and embossed text? It may look nice, but for something that many people simply toss in the trash, ask yourself, “is it worth it?” Plus, with the rising cost of postage, a smaller invitation will not be as costly to mail. A postcard invitation can be send that includes a web link where guests can log on for more information or even submit an online event registration. Designers are wonderful resources to create exactly what you need with a very custom and unique look, instead of pre-fab packaged invites.

8. It never hurts to ask for a discount or ask a vendor to help you find a solution to meeting your specific budget while still utilizing their service and not compromising the quality and value of their work. Some planners who have good rapport with vendors and book many events may have more leverage to negotiate a better discount than you. The key is to remember quality at a fair price is much more important than quantity at a cheap price!

9. Review the bill by each line item for accuracy. It’s important to go through each line item. Our events end only after everything has been reconciled.

10. Hire an event planner that is trained, experienced and a pro at maximizing your dollars.

Resource: Colorado Meetings and Events, Winter 2009