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Today was a busy day with the kids and meetings and ended with a small social event hosted by one of my past clients. As I was doing the networking thing……someone asked me out of the blue “tell me the five key things to planning and designing a great party!” …… My initial thoughts were “wow, what a question!” and “hire an event planner!”…..but to answer her question the following spewed out of my mouth in a much more condensed version.

From the initial invitation to the on-site affair, any event you plan and stage is a reflection of your style, personality and/or company’s image. Special events are loaded with a myriad of moving parts, and they must come off without a hitch.

To create an event that is spectacular from beginning to end there are FIVE essential elements:

Lighting – is an element that most people forget about. Special lighting choices can help guests feel welcomed, warm and invoke pleasant feelings. From focusing on a centrepiece to washing the entire ceiling or backdrop. Candles are also beautiful and add layers to a beautifully lit room.

Colour – can have a powerful effect on human emotions and can invoke certain feelings depending on the shades and hues used.

Texture – can set the style and tone of a party and heighten guests senses of touch and smell. Table linens, napkins, flowers and props and show off your personality or event theme while creating unique and interesting ambiance that will have your guests talking. I also love using a few scented candles, that envoke the feel I am after.

Element of Surprise – some of the most exciting parties and events include mystery and surprises for guests.

Visual Drama – is a major component, it is important to enhance and take advantage of the scale and specific venue…..for example, in facilities that have high ceilings work with your event planner/decorator to design centrepieces and ceiling decor to help fill in the vast empty space. Fabric hung just right from a ceiling can help bring the ceiling down, soften the room and create a more intimate space for guests.

(there are a few more steps….but we’ll just concentrate on these five for now)

By the way ……she took my card at the end of the night.

Resource/Inspiration for Blog: The Art of Event Design, by Lisa Cook and Leslie Williams

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