Inspiration Friday….Vintage is back!

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Wow! Where has this week gone! I can hardly believe its Friday already and once again time to share some of my favourite inspirations with you. I love sharing all of these ideas and photos in hopes they will inspire you as you dream up your next event.

It’s becoming more obvious each day…Vintage is back! And I absolutely love it. Whether you’re looking for true vintage, retro chic vintage or old Hollywood vintage, today’s event and wedding market has everything to fit your needs. Everything from vintage gowns, jewelry, cakes, cars, linens and of course vintage inspired floral design and vases.

Today, I want to share my favourite vintage vases and floral clustering ideas……oh and one wedding bouquet I just love.

Vintage vases filled with fresh-from-the-garden flowers, mismatched china in bright colors are the hot centrepiece trend for this coming summer. The classic floral vase has given way to mix-and-matched clusters of vintage pitchers, vases, jars, and galvanized buckets. Other ideas: apothecary jars with colorful rocks, sand, or even candy; uniquely shaped glass vases featuring fresh fruits like raspberries and blueberries; and mason jars loaded with fresh flowers like daisies and dahlias. To throw extra color or texture into the mix, line your flower-filled vases with patterned paper or even fabric. For a wintertime fete, get knit and sweater-like coverings to line your vases and complement a cozy decor.

Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Resources & Photos: Anja Winikka and The Knot and Martha Stewart Weddings

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