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Here comes the Flower Ideas ….

Spring has slowly arrived and the Brides have quickly starting calling me regarding their upcoming weddings. These days many of the brides I meet are having a hard time picking the right flowers that they like and that go with their theme and colour scheme. As I was preparing some inspiration boards this weekend for some new clients I came across this great site that I wanted to share with you

The site has some great colour combinations and some unique floral choices. I love to use fresh floral design in all my unique events, however my ideas and inspirations are put together by the great people at Floral Elements and Flowers R Us. I highly recommend booking a consultation with these florists so you can see the flowers up close and discuss your floral wishes with them.


So you ask, what’s in a name? Here is the meaning behind some of the most popular wedding blooms:

Anemone: Expectation

Baby’s Breath: Innocence, festivity and happiness

Calla Lily: Magnificent beauty

Camellia: Perfect Loveliness

Aster: Daintiness, Symbol of Love

Azalea: Fragile and Ephemeral Passion

Blue Bell: Delicacy and Humility

Calla Lily: Beauty

Carnation: Fascination

Chrysanthemum, Red: I love you

Chrysanthemum, White: Truth

Crocus: Youthful Gladness, Attachment, and Cheerfulness

Daffodil: Unrequited love

Dahlia: Good Taste

Daisy: Gentleness, Innocence, Loyal love

Freesia: Spirited

Gardenia: "I love you in secret"

Gerbera Daisy: Beauty

Hydrangea: Heartfelt

Holly: Foresight

Hyacinth: Constancy

Iris: My compliments

Lilac: Youthful innocence

Lily: Majesty

Magnolia: Dignity

Marigold: Desire for riches

Orchid: Love, Beauty, Chinese Symbol for Many Children

Orange Blossoms: Purity

Peony: Healing

Queen Anne’s Lace: Sanctuary

Rose: Love

Rose (Tea): I’ll Remember Always

Snapdragon: Desire

Stephanotis: Marital Happiness

Tulip: Declaration of love


decor - EBE Epromo.jpg

Photo Courtesy of Curtis Moore Photography
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Vendor Spotlight: Hasina Mehndi & Body Art






Photos courtesy of Hasina Mehndi & Body Art

Vendor Spotlight: Hasina Mehndi & Body Art

Mehndi, the application of Henna, is a temporary skin design practice that dates back over 5,000 years ago in places like South Asia, Southwest Asia, and parts of Africa. Today, we see it practiced mostly within Indian culture during wedding celebrations, but it is truly for all to enjoy.

The intricate design patterns take a lot of skill and today, Events by Emma would like to give spotlight to Hasina Mehndi & Body Art.

Kim Brennan (Owner & Artist) has almost twenty years experience as a henna artist. Since childhood she was interested in henna and as she grew so did her passion and mastery of the art. Today, Kim is the only certified Henna artist in Manitoba. Kim has also written two amazing books that have been sold worldwide and displays her talents as an artist and knowledge of this unique art form.

Her passion for mehndi is apparent in her work and I love getting lost in the beauty of her creations. Kim provides her henna services for all special occasions including sangeets, bridal henna, ladies parties, showers, birthdays, corporate events, festivals and more.

I highly recommend Kim’s services to all of my Indian Brides and clientele … and to everyone interested in this unique service.

Kim’s upcoming appearances include: Vegas Henna Conference April 20-23 and the Alaska Masala Cruise July 22-28.

Kim uses only pure natural henna directly imported from Middle Eastern manufacturers. She does not use "black henna" or any substance containing PPD. Please read on for "black henna" warnings.

What is Henna?

The henna plant is a hardy little tree that grows in hot climates such as northern Africa, the Middle East and southern Asia. The leaves of this plant are harvested, dried and ground into a fine powder. This powder is made into a paste and used to dye skin, hair and even your fingernails

Henna (also known as Mehndi) is an ancient Indian Body Art. It is used in creating designs and patterns on various parts of the body, though traditionally applied to the hands and feet of women preparing for special ceremonies like marriage. It is completely natural, non-permanent and painless.

This Body Art ( Henna Art) is a painless temporary tattoos unlike real tattoos as designs from Henna fade within 1 to 2 weeks.

Colour of Henna

Henna’s colour does not pass through into the dermis, it only stains the dead cells in the epidermis. Henna’s colour naturally makes the brick/red/brown stains, it usually takes 2-3 hours to get a good Henna stain (colour) on the skin, and that (colour) is quite harmless.

Pure Henna, with the help of heat, moisture and time, leaves a reddish brown stain on skin, first light, then darkening during the next 24 hours. The shade various according to the quality of Henna (paste) used, and the methods used when applying, and sometimes the colour can darken to almost black, but basically the colour is brown.

How to take Care of Henna

Your design should last at a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 4 weeks depending on the thickness of the epidermis of your skin and on where the design is located.

Leave the paste on as long as up to 2-3 hours (or more if you can stand it). The longer the paste is kept on, the darker the design will be. After you peel of the paste, dip a Q-tip in some olive or Avocado oil and take off the remainder of the dry paste. Do not expose your new design to water in the first 5 hours after the design has been applied as the colour is still in its darkening process. The less exposed to water, soap or rubbing, the longer the designs will linger

Warning – Black Mehndi

All products claiming to be "Black Henna" have other ingredients than Henna added in them. A chemical dye called Phenylenediamine, referred to as PPD, is often used to create a fast-taking, jetblack result. This is a very dangerous toxin and unfortunately is very harmful on skin, often causing a so-called chemical burn. This is much like a strong allergic reaction, many people get it and many don’t, but I advice you not to take the risk. Please avoid using these products and stick to pure Henna. Henna simply doesn’t penetrate far enough into healthy, adult unbroken skin to cause problems. Allergic reactions to Henna are very rare, it is safe to use and the result is wonderful.

Green Gatherings: Hosting Galas For The Earth

reiusu, flickr.jpg

Photo by Reiusu, Flickr

Green Gatherings

I received a call earlier today from a local organization wanting advice on how to make their annual event extraordinary and green. They wanted it to still feel like a gala evening……….

Having an eco-friendly or "green" event doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice elegance, style or creativity. It simply means that you’re planning your event and making eco-friendly choices in the design.

You might have to start thoughts for planning an eco-friendly event with understanding exactly what “eco-friendly” is. Eco-friendly, environmentally friendly and nature friendly are all synonymous. Presently there is no exact measurement that measures what is successfully eco-friendly and what is not. Using recycled products, organic foods and all natural products are examples of what could make your event a "green" one. Your decision to plan an eco-friendly event is already a success just by you coming up with creative ideas that help to preserve our environment.

As always, any event you’re planning should be signature “you”. From food and location to favours and flowers, there are many ways to incorporate eco-friendly accents into the fabric of your event.

A green event is like a regular event but better – way better. It integrates environmentally friendly practices in every aspect of the experience – from planning to production to tear down. It doesn’t take long to see that small changes at every level can have a major impact on the size of your environmental footprint.

A green event:

  1. Utilizes a recycling and composting system to mitigate waste.
  2. Examines alternatives to disposables – such as renting plates and cutlery and using bioplastic or recyclables in the place of styrofoam and plastic.
  3. Sources locally for catering, and other goods.
  4. Considers organic and fairly traded products and ingredients.
  5. Chooses bulk over individual servings (ex: sugar, condiments, butter, milk…)
  6. Sources alternative transportation such as hybrid transport, public transport or makes it easy for people to cycle and park their bikes.
  7. Uses double sided post consumer recycled paper for communication – or utilizes online registration and information systems.
  8. Composts food waste.
  9. Implements a carbon credits program to offset carbon emissions from high energy output activities such as air travel and importing or shipping goods.
  10. Makes smarter, more efficient choices!

I recently found this great little video on hosting a green event and this is the perfect time to share it with all of you.

Enjoy and make your next event a green one!

We Did It…. ONE MILLION ACTS OF GREEN and Counting!

flickr cfs.fcee.jpg

Photo by cfe.fcee, Flickr

We Did It…. ONE MILLION ACTS OF GREEN and Counting!

I’ve been a supporter of this show and this initiative for a while now and I am so pleased we did it!

However, the work still continues…….

If you haven’t joined yet ….we are encouraging Events by Emma clients and friends to support this fantastic initiative.

Getting started is easy! An act of green can be something as simple as using a reusable water bottle.

To begin adding your acts simply visit and select “Create an Account.”

Once you have your account up and running please join the Events by Emma group at

To join, go to “Groups and Challenges”, choose “find groups” and type Events by Emma in the search field (note that you have to select "community groups" first). Click the Events by Emma group then click join!

We hope everyone will get involved. One act at a time, we can change how we live and how we treat the planet, because we are more powerful together than we can ever be apart.

Inspiration Friday…Manzanita Madness!

oncewed, flickr.jpg




Inspiration Friday…Manzanita Madness!

If you’ve opened a magazine or read a blog in the past year, you’ve probably seen a Manzanita tree. Manzanita branches are thick and very strong scraggly branches that lend themselves well to hanging things like votives, photographs, or cards are just amazing and I love the look and feel they give to any event.

I just LOVE everything about these trees and branches. Their simple yet extremely dramatic look can create and shape any space. Recently, Floral Elements and myself have been investigating bringing in these branches in for our clients and adding it to our portfolio of creative concept design elements.

Stayed tuned……as we will have some very shortly for rental and use to both our clients exclusively in Manitoba. If you are interested in our passion for Manzanita for your next event or wedding please contact Gloria @ 204.229.5446 or call Emma @ 204.779.8812

Enjoy the photos above and Have a great weekend!

American Idol

top 13 2009.jpg

American Idol – Season 8 – Top 13

Ok, I have to admit there are three things I love most in my life. My Family & Friends, My Work and My American Idol.

I know….what a surprise! Emma…the never sit still…..keep moving…..always outdoors….Emma.

I am addicted to the reality show and all the hype around it. In our house we watch it live when we can or we tape it and watch it on Family Friday’s. Dannie the kids and I have a lot of fun …. we pop popcorn and make nachos, dance, sing-a-long and make our predictions.

We’ve been watching since day one…over eight years ago.

Yesterday’s Top 13 were the best we’ve ever seen and we just loved the tribute to the Jackson 5 and Michael Jackson (actually the very first record I received as a kid from my parents was Michael Jackson).

Our family choices for Top 5 are:

  1. Danny Gokey
  2. Adam Lambert
  3. Lil Rounds
  4. Matt Giraud
  5. Allison Iraheta

…..and the kids want to add Anoop Desai as a favourite as well

Don’t miss tonight’s result show!

Inspiration Friday…. Ethnic Eye Candy


Copy of 6a00d8357c6b5b69e2010536ef7dd0970b-500wi.jpg

Copy of 6a00d8357c6b5b69e2010536ef7e4a970b-500wi.jpg

Copy of 6a00d8357c6b5b69e2010536f8dcfa970c-500wi.jpg

Copy of 6a00d8357c6b5b69e2010536f8dd55970c-500wi.jpg

Inspiration Friday…. Ethnic Eye Candy

Ahhhhh, It’s Friday once again and time to share something spectacular with all of you!

Today I am working on a whole whack of inspiration boards for my Wedding Clients and this summer I have well over a dozen ethnic/Indian weddings that I am working on with some real fabulous couples. I found these great colour specific boards to share from one of my favourite sites WeddingSutra.

Enjoy and Have a Great Weekend!

Canadian Wedding Industry Awards


Canadian Wedding Awards

One of my colleagues in Toronto sent me this information and suggested I enter some of my events from last year, however I wanted to share this with my blog readers and all the other great vendors who work with me to create such fabulous events. I think ALL of you should enter your work. Winnipeg has some of the most talented floral designers, photographers, stationary/graphic designers, videographers, cakes/pastry chefs, wedding fashion suppliers, make-up/hair artists, caterers, disc jockeys and event decorators…… I want to enter you all myself!

Here are some more details about the Canadian Wedding Awards.

The 2008 Canadian Wedding Awards recognize and celebrate excellence across numerous categories within the Canadian wedding industry. Join us as we select from Canada’s most innovative and inspiring wedding suppliers that represent the "best of the best" from across the country. Wedding suppliers are invited to enter a relevant category of their choice. The work will be judged by a stellar line up of world-renowned industry & media professionals.

The contest is open to any wedding or event professional providing wedding services in Canada.

Each entry costs $75 plus GST.

The entry deadline is MONDAY, MARCH 16, 2009.

For More Information or To ENTER ONLINE visit

Ask A Planner: Emma how do we choose the colours for our event?






Photos and Colour Palettes from Style Me

Ask A Planner: Emma how do we choose the colours for our event?

One of the things that most of my clients first stress over is coming up with a colour design and concept for their event. With so many colours in the colour spectrum, how can one possibly choose?

Getting through "picking the event colour" milestone doesn’t have to be stressful, it just takes some patience along with some creativity to tap into the inner crayola in all of us! Here are some tips:

• Draw inspiration from your event venue. Sometimes the venue where you’re having your event at may have themes and colours already in place that you may want to play up or compliment. A venue with a Tuscany feel may inspire you to use yellow sunflowers and neutral colors, while an outdoor setting like the beach or even a white tent may inspire sea blue, fushia, or shades that you see in a sunset or in the outdoors.

• Draw inspiration from the season. Although I am not a stickler to this rule, it can be helpful. Winter events may inspire some people to use icy shades of blue and white or deep shades of red complimented with gold or silver. A fall event may inspire shades of brown, orange, or auburn red.

• Draw inspiration from hobbies and interests. This is always a great place to start. For example one of the corporate events that I am planning, my clients are huge JETS fans (or past Jets fans) so it was no surprise that their event colours are red, white and blue.

• Draw inspiration from friends and photos. Let’s face it, other events and weddings inspire people! Colour certainly doesn’t have to be intimidating, just keep in mind what seems authentic to your event and the overall feel you want to convey. If you’re not familiar with the name of a certain shade of colour, go to Wikipedia and type in the name of the primary color you’re looking for and it will give you a spectrum of that specific color.

On a final note, don’t be afraid to mix colours. You’d be surprised of the various great colour combinations. And just as much as you shouldn’t be afraid to mix colour, you also don’t have to be afraid of sticking to one colour. One of my other clients is simply using five shades of purple and that is turning out equally as lovely.

Good luck and happy colour picking!

*** One of the most important things that I do for all of my clients is to create
a custom Inspiration Board for their event. This helps us to gather our ideas and see them all in one place. As we plan the event we utilize the board as a tool for colour selections, discussions with vendors etc. I have included above some of my favourite colour specific boards from Style Me Pretty to give you an idea of how these boards can be put together. Enjoy!