REAL WEDDING: Marilyn & Tarrik






Photos by Moore Photography

REAL WEDDING: Marilyn & Tarrik – May 16, 2009

Every now and then, I have a REALLY hard time finding the right words to introduce a wedding. If you know me, you’d laugh at the thought of me not having words, but it’s true. There are just some weddings where the beauty is so innate, the details so special, the thoughtful design and loveliness are simply indescribable.

Marilyn & Tarrik’s Wedding was very special to me and everything turned out so beautiful! I had known Marilyn since my Y days and it was a pleasure to reconnect and work with her, Tarrik and their family in planning such a special and memorable day. I wish them all the best in their new married life.


Events by Emma Team (Planning, Decor Concept & Design)

Floral Elements (Reception & Ceremony Floral Design)

Planned Perfectly (Linens)

Red River College, Princess Campus (Ceremony Location)

Millennium Centre (Reception Location)

Storm Catering (Reception Catering)

Glam on the Go (Hair & Make-up)

Hollywood Limousine Service (Transportation)

Hasina Mehndi & Body Art (Bridal Henna)

Crystal Sound (DJ)

Cakes by Shelley (Cake)

Mobile Marriage (Licensing & Officiant)

Aldo Formal Wear (Men Attire)

Sagaboy Productions (DJ)

Moore Photography (Photos)

Clay Oven (Indian Sweets)

Contemporary :: More from the High-Style Fashion Shoot






Photos by Moore Photography & Kamp Photography

Contemporary :: More from the High-Style Fashion Shoot

Hey there friends =) Time to post some of the model photos from the high fashion shoot last week. Today we have some of the contemporary shots, tomorrow we will be showcasing the vintage shoot, and then Friday the ethnic inspired shoot.

Sneak Peek: Wedding & Event Industry Leaders Partner For High Style Photo Shoot






Photography by Moore Photography & KAMP Photography


Yesterday over 17 Local Wedding and Event Industry Leaders partnered for a very special and high-style photo shoot event at the Historic Millennium Centre.

Throughout the day 10 models and 40 team members from the most innovative and inspiring event suppliers that represent the "best of the best" from across the City created unique and breathtaking table designs, sets and fashion spreads revolving around three unique and decadent event themes: Vintage-Old Hollywood, Contemporary-Chic and Ethnic Essence-Far East.

The event kicked off the 2009 Wedding season and celebrates the excellence and the recent evolution and explosion of the Manitoba Wedding and Event Industry.

Vendors involved included:

This was such an awesome project to be part of and our TEAM was amazing! The photographer’s took thousands of shots and today we are only showing a sneak peek ………


Eventiquette: Banquet Dinner Manners


Banquet Dinner Manners

With the increase in popularity of the fast food industry, many people are losing their dining etiquette. Simple table manners are important for everyone to know and practice. Many people are required to attend dinner parties, conventions and special events where proper dining etiquette is a must. Our actions at the table during dinner are crucial to how others perceive us.

The following are some guidelines to proper dining etiquette:

• Before being seated for a formal meal, gentlemen should stand behind their chairs until the women are seated.

• Once seated, you are to place your napkin in your lap.

• The courses will be served from your left and removed from your right-hand side.

• Always wait until everyone at your table has been served their course before you begin eating – if the host is seated with you, you should refrain from eating until he/she has begun.

• If your meal has been delayed tell the others at your table to begin eating.

• If the meal is being served “family style” you must pass the food to the person on your right, so that they may help themselves. Always consider how much food is on the serving dish and how many people will need to share it.

• As the different courses are served, use your utensils starting from the outside moving in towards the main plate. Dessert utensils will either be above the main plate or served with dessert.

• Instead of sawing your bread in half like a hamburger bun, you should rather use your fingers to break your bread and then butter one piece at a time.

• If the salad has big leaves use a knife to cut it.

• When eating soup, dip your soup spoon away from you into the soup and then scoop up to your mouth. Make sure to eat the soup soundlessly from the side of the spoon.

• If you are struggling to get food onto your fork you can use a little piece of bread or your knife to help. Never use your fingers or thumb.

• You may rest your forearms on the table, but never your elbows.

• Don’t wave your knife and fork around in the air while talking to people.

• It is very rude to talk on your cellphone or "text" at the table. If you need to take an urgent call you can apologize and excuse yourself from the table.

• If leaving the table briefly leave your napkin on your chair. When you leave the table at the end of the meal, loosely place the used napkin on the table to the left of your plate.

• At the end of your meal, place all used utensils together onto your plate, on the right side, pointed up, so the waiters know that they can remove your plate. Do not place dirty utensils on the table.

Written by Kim ten Krooden, Event Coordinator, EVENTS BY EMMA

Vendor Spotlight: Krystal Dreams

Mini Version.jpg


Photos courtesy of Krystal Dreams

Vendor Spotlight: Krystal Dreams

This week we are happy to feature Krystal Dreams in our Vendor Spotlight. Krystal Dreams creates beautiful and innovative ice sculptures that will add that special touch to any event. The custom ice sculptures will be created from your imagination, ideas, pictures, and logos – the possibilities are limitless!

Larry MacFarlane, the owner of Krystal Dreams, used to be a full time chef as well as the president of the Winnipeg Ice Carving Association. Larry, along with his partner Jackie, decided to start their own part time ice sculpting hobby business. Larry quit working as a chef and became a full time professional ice sculptor. Krystal Dreams Ice Sculptures currently has 13 ice block makers and is the only ice block maker in Winnipeg and the third largest company of its kind in Canada.

Larry is an innovative ice sculptor and is always developing new ideas, such as the martini bar, as well as incorporating colours and designs into the ice. He is also on the leading edge in the construction of large sculptures in Winnipeg, taking them apart, shipping to various locations in Canada and the United States and re-assembling on-site. Larry has wide international ice sculpting experience, including the 2002 Olympics at Salt Lake City Utah, and is one of the best ice sculptors in Canada.

Next time you are planning an event, don’t forgot to add an ice sculpture to to theme or overall decor.

Written by Kim ten Krooden, Event Coordinator, EVENTS BY EMMA

RRCC Workshop – Wedding Planning






Photos by Events by Emma

Red River College – Wedding Planning Workshop April 29, 2009

For the second time, I had the pleasure of participating in a special Wedding Planning Workshop at Red River Community College, hosted by Elaine Kinchen. I was asked again to discuss hot wedding trends, etiquette and the do’s and don’ts of vendor selection. Once again we threw in a fun demonstration on creating a themed decor table.

As you can see from the photos we took, the class did an amazing job creating this very elegant table setting.

Special thanks to Elaine for having Events by Emma again, Planned Perfectly Linens for the lovely linens and to Kim who helped me prep everything for the workshop facilitation.

Have a great weekend.