Eventiquette: Signature Cocktails


Eventiquette: Signature Cocktails

Having a signature cocktail is a great way to tie your theme into every aspect of your event. It is a great point of conversation for your guests who might not know each other, and who doesn’t like to try a new cocktail?

When choosing your signature drink there are some things that you need to be mindful of. If your budget is tighter than you would like, stay away from expensive cocktails that require pricey ingredients and wherever possible use the less expensive brand – no one will even realize that you are not using Absolut vodka in your drink creation.

Consider your guests tastes and styles, you will never be able to please everyone, but you need something that will appeal to the crowd. Having said that it is after-all your signature drink so be sure to choose something that reflects you and your style. If your event has a colour theme you will need to stick to it when choosing your signature cocktail – you want to go for continuity.

Go ahead and create a fabulous name for your cocktail. Even if you are using a Tequila Sunrise as your cocktail, changing the name adds just one more personal touch to your event. Your cocktails can be served in a wide variety of glasses, so choose according to the style of the event or gathering that you are holding.

When holding your event at a venue where the bar staff will be provided to serve your drinks, it is a good idea to determine how they will be preparing, mixing, presenting and serving your cocktail to your guests – you do not want them pre-mixing a large batch of the drink and then serving it out bucket on the floor. Presentation is Key!

Now for the fun part, don’t forget to taste test your cocktail before your event to make sure that it tastes as good as it looks and sounds.

Written by Kim ten Krooden, Event Coordinator, EVENTS BY EMMA

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