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The holidays are fast approaching. Here are some tips on throwing your own holiday party.

Plan your party and invite your guests in advance. Holidays are always busy and your guest’s calendars book up fast. Choose a venue, whether it be your own home, a restaurant or a hotel. Decide which space is better suited to your event. If you have a particular venue in mind, a party in January or February isn’t a bad idea because those are slower months and you may have more guests in attendance. Will your party have a theme? If so, let people know! Set a tentative date as you may want to work around the schedules of some friends and family. Decide whether you’ll call your potential guests or send out formal invitations.

Even after you’ve completed the gruelling task of cleaning your abode, your atmosphere is not complete. No party is complete without some sort of decoration! You may choose to go with silver or red and green, but you’re not confined to these colours. Scent the air with something welcoming. In the bathroom, you may want to leave a scented candle and an extra roll of TP in plain sight. Is there music to suit the festivity? Leave it playing softly in the background when your guests arrive.

Now for food and beverages since no party is really a party without them. When guests walk away from the party, food and drinks are memorable. If you’re cooking for the party, put your best chef skills to use. Party food requires work. There are hors d’oeuvres, the main course, and dessert. When cooking or hiring a caterer, choose foods that complement each other. If you’re looking for inspiration, try looking at magazines. Take into consideration the potential mess and accidents. Would you like that gooey, red sauce on your couch and rug? Choose something light for dessert. You’re finishing off the night and everybody is probably still full from the appetizers and dinner.

When deciding which beverages to serve, be wise. Water, coffee, tea, and punch are typical. Will you serve alcohol at your party? If you’ve decided to serve alcohol and are not hiring a bartender, lay out the most popular drinks like beer, wine, and vodka. Among your selection, have a signature drink. Coffee itself can be played up when accompanied by whipped cream and liqueur.

All in all, holidays are festive, so have a jolly good time!

Written by Emily Sideen, Event Staff, EVENTS BY EMMA

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