Video: Time Lapse: Scopus Awards 2014

Ever wondered what it takes to setup an extravagant event for 500+ guests from start to finish?

Well, today’s your lucky day… allow us to show you!

scopusawards-timelapse(Click on the photo to be directed to the video)

This amazing and FUN time lapse video by Sambajoy Photo & Art takes you through our two-day setup for the Scopus Awards 2014 Honouring Moe Levy, hosted by the Canadian Friends of Hebrew University.

We were honoured to be given the opportunity to help put on one of the few events being held at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights before its opening this September. The gala was also a great opportunity for the CMHR staff to work out event logistics at their new and stunning facility.

To learn more about the Scopus Awards and for more photos by blfStudios Photography, check out our blog post where we covered this event!

Huge THANK YOU to Madalena and Marcelo from Sambajoy for spending the two days with us shooting this lovely piece. You were able to capture EBE perfectly, and we cannot wait to work together on more projects!

About Sambajoy Fine Art Photography
This adorable, fun-loving and VERY talented husband and wife duo (Madalena and Marcelo) have been all around the world. Born and raised in Brazil, the couple moved to Winnipeg, along with their pug, Bacon, and established Sambajoy Fine Art Photography. With their impressive background in photography and technology, the power couple specializes in photo and video for a variety of occasions.

Be sure to check out more about them on their website

As always, huge thank you to all of our vendors and partners:
Event Planning & Design: Events by Emma
Event Rentals & Furniture: Events by Emma
Venue: Canadian Museum for Human Rights
Caterer: The Fairmont Winnipeg
Linens & Draping: Planned Perfectly
Florals: Academy Florists
Lighting: Elite Lighting
A/V: Canadian Event Production Services
Entertainment: Folklorama Talent
Photography: blfStudios fine art photography


Scopus Award 2014 Honouring Moe Levy

One of the many perks of working in the event industry is being able to meet so many inspiring individuals, who are usually honoured at our events, and Moe Levy is no exception!

We partnered with The Canadian Friends of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem to put on this year’s Scopus Awards at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, where Winnipeg’s own Moe Levy accepted this year’s Scopus award, which is the highest humanitarian honour at the University. Moe Levy, currently the Executive Director of the Asper Foundation, played a crucial role in fundraising for the CMHR. So, whenever we’re putting on a spectacular event at the Museum, we know we have Moe to thank!

For the Scopus Award, we honoured Moe’s heritage and brought the Indian city Mumbai to Winnipeg. The event featured ethnic entertainers, Mumbai-inspired street food and even a Bollywood flash mob!

Enjoy our favourite shots by blfStudios fine art photography. Thanks for the amazing photos, Bond!

blfStudios Human Rights Museum Gala (51 of 103)blfStudios Human Rights Museum Gala (47 of 103)blfStudios Human Rights Museum Gala (8 of 103)blfStudios Human Rights Museum Gala (83 of 103)blfStudios Human Rights Museum Gala (16 of 103)blfStudios Human Rights Museum Gala (89 of 103)blfStudios Human Rights Museum Gala (97 of 103)

Event Planning & Design: Events by Emma
Event Rentals & Furniture: Events by Emma
Venue: Canadian Museum for Human Rights
Caterer: The Fairmont Winnipeg
Linens & Draping: Planned Perfectly
Florals: Academy Florists
Lighting: Elite Lighting
A/V: Canadian Event Production Services
Entertainment: Folklorama Talent
Photography: blfStudios fine art photography


Vendor Spotlight: Planned Perfectly


Photo by: Joel Ross Photography

While planning her own wedding, Kylee quickly picked up on the need of specialty linens in Winnipeg. With ambition and hard work, she took the entrepreneurial leap and established Planned Perfectly in 2006. From a humble beginning in her basement, Kylee has moved her company to a 6000 sq ft warehouse and has quickly grown into one of Winnipeg’s leading linen suppliers.


Photo by: Joel Ross Photography

“We’ve worked side-by-side Kylee and her team on a weekly basis for years, from the early morning setups to all the late night takedowns,” says Emma Singh, Founder & CEO of Events by Emma. “They play an important and essential role in helping us bring our client’s visions to reality.”

In the past year, Planned Perfectly worked on over 200 events, including weddings, non-profit fundraisers, conferences and corporate affairs. Their vast selection of colours, styles and textured linens will appeal to any bride or event organizer. On top of specialty table linens, Planned Perfectly also offers their clients draping, napkins, chiavari chairs and charger rentals to help them with their event needs.

Events by Emma - Grace Ormonde Profile Photos (66)

Photo by: Moore Photography

We asked Staci from Planned Perfectly:
1. Why are linens and draping important to an event?
Linens and draping can change the entire vibe and look of a room and make it into an entirely different space.

2. What are your favourite types of events, and why?
We enjoy every event for different reasons, but we love weddings to see each couple’s ideas and colours transform their venue.

3. Any exciting linen trends this year we should watch out for?
This year is all about the sequins and gold touches. We have also had a huge success with our natural linen line opposed to the traditional satin and, in the more recent years, textured table clothes (e.g. our crinkle series).

4. What are you favourite things about working with Events by Emma?
We enjoy working with EBE because of because of their creativity and they always have such great energy!

To find out more about Planned Perfectly, visit their website at


IMG_3922Themes are a great way to increase your event’s appeal, and to distinguish your event from others. By hosting a themed event, it creates a fun and welcoming atmosphere for your guests and it can also open up opportunities for your guests to play along and embrace the theme (e.g. a Great Gatsby themed gala, may encourage guests to dress up in 1920s attire).

When searching for a theme, consider what’s relevant and topical during the time of your event. For example, when the remake of the film Alice in Wonderland came out in 2010, we were seeing a huge interests in the Alice in Wonderland theme and it even stayed around for a few years! This year, we can anticipate more interests in the Bollywood and safari oasis themes with the new releases Million Dollar Arm and Rio 2.

Another way to find the perfect theme for your event is to consider your guests and who you are choosing to honour. In example, if your guest of honour is of Asian decent, throw an elaborate Asian-infused event, complete with Asian-inspired decor, entertainment and menu. Or if you know your guests will be a more mature crowd, throw a retro-diner themed event, complete with a juke box filled with nostalgic music.

It’s important your theme fits your organization and the goals of your event. However, keep in mind planning a theme has both its benefits and challenges.

blfStudios Human Rights Museum Gala (6 of 103)

Photo by: blfStudios

Here are five steps to help you master your themed event and create a fun and memorable evening for you and your guests:

1. Be committed
Once you decided on a theme, you have to stay committed to it. Be sure your theme is on the top of your mind when planning the logistics of your event, from your entertainment, to your decor, and even to your stationary. In order for everything to flow and make sense, your theme has to shine through.

blfStudios Human Rights Museum Gala (54 of 103)

Photo by: blfStudios

 2. Be creative
The more fun and unique your theme is, the more likely you’ll have to think outside of the box and be creative with your decor and programming. In order to really ‘wow’ your guests, you’re going to have to do things that haven’t been done before. For example, for a south beach themed event we did last month, we wanted to create palm tree centre pieces. In order to accomplish this look, we had to be creative and create the palm trees from scratch.


3. Play up your stationary
Remember when we said everything and anything about your event has to make sense with your theme? Stationary is a great medium to promote and execute your themed event. Your invitations, posters, programs and even event signage need to compliment your theme and will help pull your theme together.

 4. Get your guests involved
Guests LOVE themed events, not only because they can expect a fun and unique program, but because it means they have an opportunity to really participate and be a part of the event. Letting your guests know in advance of the theme through your invitation or posters, can ensure guests will have time to plan if they decide to dress up according to the theme.


 5. Think BIG  

Invest in a planning and design company that can work with you to bring your theme to life. They can help you find the perfect venue, lighting experts, entertainers and caterers that can work together to master your theme. And don’t forget about the little details that can help you sell your theme, such as your signature drinks or party favours.

To find out more about themed events or to discuss an upcoming event you are planning, connect with Events by Emma by calling 204-779-8812.


Do’s and Don’ts for Wedding Etiquette


Photo by: Moore Photography

Planning your wedding is one of the most special and memorable times of your life.

What is there not to love about trying on extravagant dresses, attending delicious cake tastings, and picking out your favorite flowers for your centre pieces?

There’s so much to take in and enjoy during the planning process, but believe it or not, some of these tasks aren’t so pleasant. For example, how do you deal with friends that are offended they’re not invited? Or, how do couples with different cultural backgrounds incorporate both their culture and traditions?

Here are some quick and easy Do’s and Don’ts for wedding etiquette.


Photo by: Moore Photography

1. We want to meet with our parents to discuss our wedding budget. How much should we expect our parents to contribute? Is there certain things each side should pay for?

Wedding budgets are always a difficult area to cover, and is really dependent on a number of factors, such as your projected budget, whether your guests lists is equally divided between both families, and of course, what can your parents comfortably afford?

If money isn’t a issue for your parents, many couples find splitting their wedding budget into thirds works best. This would mean the couple would share their expenses with both families evenly. Keep in mind, the more your parents are invested in your wedding, the more say they can potentially have when it comes to the menu, decor and guests lists.

If your parents are looking to contribute in a smaller means, you can always ask if they can take care of important wedding details such as your photographer, or your cake.

2. My fiancé and I decided we want to go with a more intimate wedding with a smaller guest list. How do I explain to my family and friends who didn’t make the shortlist?

At the end of the day, it’s your wedding. If a smaller and more intimate event is what you and your fiancé envisioned, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Yes, this decision may upset and even hurt some of your family and friends, but sooner than later they’ll understand and even forgive you. When explaining to family and friends who didn’t make the guest list, it’s important to stay united as a couple and to not blame it on one another. Express it was a decision you made together and unfortunately due to the circumstances (e.g. venue capacity or wedding budget), you couldn’t have everyone there.


Photo by: Moore Photography

To lighten the blow, you can always host a casual post-wedding get-together at your home or at the park to give all your family and friends an opportunity to celebrate your marriage and to shower you with blessings and gifts.

3. What is the difference between a Banquet Coordinator and a Wedding Planner?

Your wedding planner and the banquet coordinator (or catering coordinator) work closely together to ensure your big day runs smoothly and successfully. Both roles are integral to the planning process, but it’s important to be able to distinguish between them.

Your Banquet Coordinator is employed by the venue and looks over the food and the beverage sales for the venue. She/he is your prime contact from your venue and will work with you to draft and finalize your venue and food service contract. He/she will communicate your needs to the day-of banquet captain, who will then ensure your dinner service runs smoothly and on time.

Your Wedding Planner is employed by you as your personal consultant and oversees all aspects of the planning process. She/he will create a comprehensive timeline and itinerary for your event, and will work with you and your fiancé to coordinate all details and logistics, from the arrival of your out-of-town guests, to the style of your centre pieces.

4. I don’t want children at my reception — how do I let my guests know this?

If you’re going for an adult-only reception, you can state it is a “Adult Only Reception” on your invitations. You can also use your bridal party and your closest family and friends to share your wishes with your guests through word of mouth. If your day comes, and some guests do not comply, don’t ask them to leave but instead find an extra seat to make it work.


Photo by: Moore Photography

5. Are we required to specify if we want cash or gifts on our invitation?

It’s never good etiquette to ask your guests for cash or gifts on your wedding invitation. Your asking your family and friends to be a part of your big day because they’re special to you, and the last thing you want to imply is that it comes with a fee.

However, don’t fret, it is unlikely for your guests to come to your wedding empty-handed, which is why we often have presentation boxes at guest book tables. Just in case your guests may have questions regarding on what to get you, ensure you communicate with your bridal party on your gift preferences.

6. My fiancé and I have different cultural backgrounds. How do we incorporate both of our cultures into our wedding?

Being located in such a rich and diverse city, we see this a lot. And each time it happens, we’re thrilled! Ethnic and cultural weddings are full of unique customs and special traditions, and should definitely be embraced!

If you and your fiancé are different ethnicities, start off by having a talk about what is important to the both of you and what your “must-haves” are. If budget allows, you can always host two different wedding ceremonies on different dates to acknowledge both your cultures. If your budget and time is tight, you can also compromise and have one traditional wedding ceremony and from there dedicate your reception to the other’s culture and background.

For example, if you’re Sikh and your partner is Catholic, you can have a traditional Catholic ceremony, but then change it up for your reception and wear traditional Indian attire and serve an Indian-style buffet.

274-August 1st389

Photo by: Luckygirl Photography

7. Any tips on planning a smooth and quick reception program? Our worst worry is to bore our crowd during our wedding.

This is where your event planner or day-of coordinator can help tremendously. Your on-site wedding coordinators will be your key enforcers to ensure your reception program runs  smoothly and quickly. He/she will work your master of ceremonies to ensure the speeches, dinner service, videos and entertainment are all on schedule.

8. Are we expected to save a seat and feed our wedding vendors during our dinner?

Yes, it is proper wedding etiquette to reserve a table or seats for your wedding vendors, such as your wedding planners, a/v techs,  DJ, photographers and videographers. On the day of your wedding, your main wedding vendors are working extremely long hours, often without having any breaks, to ensure all the details of your weddings are complete.

 9. Is it absolutely necessary to provide a late-night snack during our reception for our guests?

If your wedding reception will be running late into the night and alcohol is being served, it is actually by law you have to serve a sufficient late-night snack for your guests. Couples also serve late-night snack later in their wedding reception as a boost of energy to keep the party going. Be creative with your late-night snack and use it to showcase you and your fiancé’s tastes and personalities.


Photo by: blfStudios Photography

10. What kind of wedding favours should I get for my guests?

At Events by Emma we have a simple rule: wedding favours should either be edible or practical. If they’re not edible or practical, they probably belong in the trash. Although it’s not easy finding the perfect give-away, your wedding favour is an opportunity to say ‘thank you’ to your guests in a special way with a meaningful gift.  Just like your late-night snack, be creative and use your favours as a reflection of you and your fiancé.

To find out more about wedding etiquette or to discuss an upcoming event you are planning, connect with Events by Emma by calling 204-779-8812.



EBE - join our team

Spring is always an exciting time of year here at EBE. We’re currently in the peak of gala season and just entering into our busy wedding season. For that reason, we’re on the search for passionate and energetic individuals to join our growing team.

The Events by Emma Corporation is a dynamic and thriving family-run Event Management business in Winnipeg. Named one of Canada’s Top 5 Planners, with over 20 years of experience our creative and dedicated team of planners are proven industry leaders that specialize in couture planning, production and design for every occasion.

We are now Accepting Applications for the following positions:

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Please apply via-email to:  
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Deadline: Friday, May 16, 2014

Events by Emma appreciates the interest of all applicants, however, only those under consideration will be contacted directly.


Good luck!