Gala Season is Here

Gala season is officially underway in Winnipeg.

Hosting a gala is a great way to showcase your cause and generate support from your community. A gala traditionally involves a dinner, dance, entertainment, and silent auctions.

During gala season, it is important to set yourself apart from the rest. When planning a gala, you want to create a memorable experience for those in attendance. To help, here are some important elements that can really elevate your event.

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Décor: This is the first thing your guests will notice when arriving. Creating an eye-catching environment is key. Start with a theme and find ways to incorporate it into the entranceway, tables, and surrounding area. Remember to include the theme into invitations and promotions to help create anticipation for your guests.

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D.Singh Photography

Location: Picking the right location for your event can add multiple elements to your gala. A location can help with the ambience and affect your ideas and layout. It is important that before picking where you want to hold your gala, you determine the big details first. Not every location will be able to accommodate what you want.

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Engagement: You want your guests to have an unforgettable experience. Adding an interactive aspect for your guests to get them involved is key. Also, remember to keep your theme in mind. At the Concordia Hospital Foundation Gala in 2014, we had a curling rink for guests to use. It was only fitting, as Team Jennifer Jones was in attendance, and Ms. Jones was honoured with the 2014 Martin Bergen Award.

Entertainment: Guests want to have a good time. By including live music, dancers, or a show, guests will be able to enjoy the environment and perhaps experience something out of the ordinary. It helps to set the mood and provides an opportunity to compliment your theme.

D.Singh Photography
D.Singh Photography

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Moore Photography

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Trevor Brucki Photography

Now you’ve put on an event, how do you get people coming back?

Keep it different: It is important to change things up. That could mean changing your theme, location, or even the format of your event. People want to see how you can top your last event.

Small details count: Guests want to have an enjoyable time from start to finish. Remember to keep things on schedule. That means serving dinner at the right time and preventing speeches from going to long. You don’t want your guests becoming restless. It will ultimately distract them from the key messages you are trying to provide.

Blog Written by: Katherine Hardy, EBE Intern

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