It’s Almost Here | APC GARDEN PARTY | Peace, Love + Happiness 2015

The most anticipated event of the year is almost here and we are getting excited!

In just one week, the Assiniboine Park Conservancy (APC) will be hosting their Annual Garden Party co-chaired by Ruth Apser and Lee Meagher at the Leo Mol Sculpture Garden.

Guests will enter the psychedelic era of the 60s and 70s and be greeted by hit music of the 60s blasting from a decked out Volkswagen beetle. Just remember to take a photo in front of it and post it on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag, #Wenttoagardenparty2015. We want to see all the great photos you take!

Throughout the night, you will be able to enjoy some tasty appetizers from 529 Wellington while sipping on a Tom Collins. And to indulge in a little something sweet, seven of Winnipeg’s top pastry chefs will be servings some delicious desserts along side Sugar Mountain’s 70s themed candy bar.

Of course, the night wouldn’t be without the spectacular butterfly release as we are supporting the iconic new horticultural attraction, which will be replacing the existing Conservatory. Join APC’s Janice Martin and Bran Adams and the Monarch Teacher’s Network to release your very own butterfly.

The night if filled with a lot more exciting events with MC Ace Burpee that you won’t want to miss. Watch APC’s Maurice Larson create a Mosaicculture (Photo Shown in post) and even have the opportunity to go home with one. And for the fist time at the Garden Party, have an opportunity to bid on some great prizes!

Can’t wait to see you there!

EBE will be tweeting throughout the night, so don’t forget to follow us and tweet along with us using the hashtag #Wenttoagardenparty2015

Visit the Assiniboine Park Conservatory website for more information.

Post Written by: Katherine Hardy, INTERN

EBE Mini Office Tour

When Emma isn’t working countless hours at an event or meeting with clients to develop the perfect event, she is busy working hard at her desk responding to emails, answering calls and brainstorming ideas for her next big event.

We recently moved our EBE offices to give us with more space, which meant Emma could create an office that was a perfect fit for her and the team. When designing her new space, there were some must-haves in order to create an inspiring environment for her.

Although Emma says there is chaos in her office, she knows where to find everything she needs. Here is a sneak peek into Emma’s office and some of the reasons behind these items!

1. A Leather Chair 
When Emma is sitting at her desk responding to her countess emails; it is important that she has a big, comfy, leather chair with great back support. This was definitely an upgrade from her previous chair and makes the long hours of sitting a little easier.

2. Photos of her kids and nature 
Of course she has to have pictures of her kids. Her kids help her relax throughout the day and provide some motivation to keep going when needed. Her office also has beautiful nature photos. “I’m not a very abstract person,” says Emma. “I enjoy the outdoors and doing things outside.”

3.  A Big Window
Because Emma loves the outdoors, a huge window by her desk was a MUST in the new office. She loves working by a window and being by the natural light, which is a change from the old office. “We had a window in the old office but it wasn’t my own office. We shared an office between all the employees.”

4. A Huge Calendar
Over the years, we have tried many methods of organizing our schedules. The best method that we have found is a HUGE calendar that is hung right outside Emma’s office. “I love seeing everything on paper. I need to see the big picture,” says Emma. It helps everyone on the EBE team stay on track with all the meetings and events we have planned for the month.

5. The Overall Aesthetic 
The colour scheme in Emma’s office is the colours of the brand – grey, white, silver, and gold. “It is important to remind me of what I am working for,” says Emma. The colours have evolved since she first started Events by Emma. The dominant colour used to be a hot pink, so you will still find some hot pink items everywhere in the office.

Front Wall

EBE Seating copyThank you to WeWork who inspired this post that allows us to look a little closer at our workspaces and key in on what truly inspires us. WeWork is located in cities across the United States, Europe and Israel. This company creates beautiful office spaces to enable people to be inspired in their workspace.

Post and Photos by: Katherine Hardy, EBE INTERN

Traditional Indian Wedding | Sabeer and Ashley


Wedding season is well underway and we couldn’t be more happy to have Sabeer Rehsia and Ashley Bhullar’s wedding be our first of the season. The two tied the knot during a traditional Indian ceremony that was absolutely stunning.

The RBC Convention Centre was transformed into a romantic garden-inspired theme with blush and gold tones. Exquisite floral arrangements filled the room to create an indoor garden and 75-feet of garlands of greens were draped from the ceiling to make it truly breathtaking.

Events by Emma specializes in ethnic weddings (and Emma has produced over 300 weddings over her career) but as one of the newest interns, Sabeer and Ashley’s wedding was the first Indian wedding I’ve attended. If you are unfamiliar with Indian weddings or may be attending one soon, this post is a way to learn about what you may encounter during the wedding.

An Indian wedding isn’t short by any means. The guest list tends to be large and the entire day is extravagant. Before the wedding even begins, several events take place like a Mehndi, which is a pre-wedding ceremony where henna is applied for the bride, her family and friends. There is also a Sangeet, which is a big party the night before the wedding. The day of the ceremony and reception is filled with traditional Indian customs all of which I learnt as the day went on.

The day started with a procession of the Barat. Sabeer was brought to the front of the RBC Convention Centre on a red and gold decorated white horse. While on his way to the front, his family danced around him to the beat of a dhol (Indian drum). It is such a beautiful custom that had many pedestrians stopping to take a look. After a ton of dancing, the family reached the front doors of the RBC Convention Centre and both families exchanged flower garlands to symbolize their acceptance. This is a ceremony called Milni.

The procession was followed by a breakfast for guests to attend prior to entering the Gurudwara (a Sikh place of worship) for the ceremony.

The breakfast tables were lined with burgundy tablecloths with a simple floral arrangement on some and candles on the other. A guestbook table was set up with pictures of both the couple and their family and displayed in antique gold frames. It was a great way to share some of their best memories with guests.

After breakfast, it was time for guests to enter the Gurudwara. Females entered on the left and males on the right of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib (Sikh scripture). Shoes were removed, heads were covered with a scarf or bandana, and guests sat on the floor.

On each side of the isle there were large floral arrangements filled with peonies and roses and floating candles in a vase. The same green garlands from the ceiling were also draped alongside the isle. A mandap (covered structure with pillars) was built out of wood, with white fabric lining the top. Green garland wrapped around each post and the same arrangement of flowers filled the corners. It was the perfect way to tie in the romantic garden theme for Sabeer and Ashley.

Following the ceremony, a lunch was served and it was a time for the newly married couple to meet with family and friends. The lunch décor was similar to the breakfast, to keep things simple and leave the extravagance for the reception.

The lunch ended with a traditional shoe steal. The Reshia and Bhullar family gathered around the couple and Ashley’s family steals Sabeer’s shoes while his family protects him. This is a fun way for both families to interact and it was fun to watch. Lots of laughing and bartering occurred but in the end, the Reshia family presented an offer the Bhullar family couldn’t refuse.

Once Ashley was carried out of the room on a DHOLI chair, it was time to set up for the reception. The EBE team worked hard to transform the room into a bar, dining room, and dance room.

Guests arrived and could indulge in some appetizers and a glass of champagne. The bar was decorated with sequined cocktail tables and small floral centrepieces. The dining room was revealed when it was time for guest to be seated for the grand entrance of the newlyweds and their families. Prior to dinner, toast and speeches were given and followed by the cutting of the cake.

Dinner was absolutely delicious. Of course, a traditional Indian meal was served in a buffet style. Signature dishes including basmati rice, tandoori, butter chicken, and channa masala were served.

When the meal was done, guests were ready to dance. Surrounding the dance floor were couches and tables in an all-white colour scheme with gold and pink pillows for accents. The room truly looked like a nightclub. But, before the dancing began, guests experienced a special performance by Maples Bhangra Group. The dancing was phenomenal and upbeat. They had guests clapping and smiling the entire time.

The night was magical and the transformation of the RBC Convention Centre into a garden inspired theme was incredible. The details throughout the day were beautiful including the stunning sari’s women wear to the intricate sehra the groom wears during the procession of the Barat.

After attending my first ever Indian wedding, I was blown away by the amount of events throughout the day. There was never a moment when you weren’t celebrating and on such an important day, it is nice to see.

Congratulation Sabeer and Ashley!


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Photo Credit: Banga Studios + D. Singh Photography

Thank you to all of our wonderful vendors!

Post Written by: Katherine Hardy, EBE INTERN