Wedding Season is Here – Book EBE Today!

Summer is here and we are getting excited for the warm weather ahead. We are now switching gears from our busy corporate event and gala season and gearing up for a busy and memorable 2015 wedding season.

Joel Ross

Last year was a very exciting year for us at Events by Emma! We received a Canadian Wedding Industry Award for Best Reception Décor 2014.

We also started this year off with the honour of being named Top Event Planner of 2015 in the City of Winnipeg. Thousands of Canadians in 13 cities named their top choices and we were chosen!

We want to personally thank everyone who has supported Emma and the Events by Emma team. It’s always such an honour to be nominated for these awards let alone receive the award. Thank you to our  partner vendors, clients, volunteers and staff, we are so fortunate to work with talented people who help us every day.

We would love to allow for your perfect wedding to become a reality. Although we are booked for the 2015 season, we have already started booking for weddings for our 2016 + 2017 season.

Events by Emma offers a FREE one-hour initial consultation. During this time, we will get to know you, and find out about your wedding and share some details about our services, custom packages, and pricing.

Please call us at 204-779-8812 or through email at to book your appointment today! We can’t wait to start planning with you.

Photography by Joel Ross

Went to a Garden Party | Peace, Love + Happiness 2015


Events by Emma is excited to be partnering with the Assiniboine Park Conservancy to put together the Annual Garden Party. This year’s 70s inspired fundraising event will be held in the Leo Mol Sculpture Garden on August 19.

All the proceeds from the event will help support the iconic new horticultural attraction, which will be replacing the existing Conservatory.

The night will even feature a special butterfly release that guests will have the opportunity to be a part of.

We can’t wait for you to see what we have planned for the evening!

For more information about the event and details on how you can support the event, visit the website!

Table Talk – Choosing Table Shapes

When planning a wedding or event, you naturally start by picking out colours, flowers, and of course your wedding dress. Table shapes and layouts might not be near the top of the checklist, but these choices can intensify your décor and change the dynamic in your reception room.

The first instinct for some of our clients is to choose round tables to fill the room and seat their guests. Although round tables are a classic option and a shape we love to use, we also try to change it up. By introducing different table shapes into your venue, it creates interest and can change the interaction between your guests. 

Square Tables
Choosing to use square tables creates a modern look to your wedding or event. Square tables allow your guests to easily talk to others, as long as your centrepieces aren’t blocking their view. One of our client’s biggest worry when choosing to use square tables is that more guests will have their backs towards the front, but don’t worry they won’t. More guests will actually get a better view.

Table Shape2 Joel Ross

Photo by: Joel Ross Photography

Rectangle Table
Whether your theme is vintage, elegant, or modern, long rectangular tables can make any theme look beautiful. Also known as “family style” seating, this creates an intimate wedding. Connecting rectangle tables together creates drama and a regal atmosphere.

Table Shape2

Photo by Blf Studios

Mixing Table Shape
We love incorporating different shapes at a venue. Mix long and square tables, or combine circle and long tables together for eye-catching décor. Remember that every table can be tailored to work with your theme.

Once the tables are chosen, picking out what to decorate them with may be a challenge. For long tables, you may want to try floral and candle arrangements in various heights. Square tables have a much more room in the center, which means the centerpiece may need to be a bit larger.

To help you start thinking of centrepieces and to learn a little bit on how we choose them, here is a video to show you how Emma and the staff here at Events by Emma put together a few options for our client.

Video filmed by Jordan Popowich

Post Written by: Katherine Hardy, EBE INTERN

Ways to Help Ease Big Day Stress


With Wedding Season now kicking into full swing at EVENTS BY EMMA.

We thought we would share this important information with you and for our brides-to-be!

A lot of things go through a bride’s head on her wedding day. Will my dress fit? Will the day turn out perfect? Will everything be on time? It can be so overwhelming that you can forget to stop and take it all in.

As much as you try to prepare yourself for the big day stress is bound to happen. Here are some ways to manage stress on your big day!

Take a step back – Throughout the whole process, it’s important to enjoy it and not forget why you are doing it. Make every moment something to remember. It’s not everyday you get to dress up in a beautiful dress and be surrounded with everyone you love. Don’t wish for everything to be done!

Get lots of sleep– Sleep will help you feel re-charged and ready to go. Those late nights running over the guests list or perfecting any mishaps won’t help anyone. It will actually magnify your stress when you aren’t catching enough shuteye.

Stay connected with your Fiancé – You started this journey together and will be there at the end of it. Take some time to spend quality time together and do a date night. It will benefit you both through it all.

Take time for yourself – With everything that needs to be done, you may feel guilty in taking some time off for yourself, but in the long run it will make you much more productive. Find something to do that will take your mind of all the craziness. It may be going to get your nails done, taking a class at the gym, or just turning on the television. Whatever it may be will really help keep you centered.

Deep breaths – There may be a time where you don’t have that extra hour so taking a minute or two to just zone out and take a few deep breaths can help clear your mind.

Ask for help – It is so to take control and feel the need to take over because you want everything to be perfect. It is ok to ask for help and delegate some of the tasks. Not only will a load of stress be taken off of you, but also make others feel involved in your big day.

In the end, you have to remember that it is okay if things don’t go as perfectly planned. It is only normal for things to slip. Take things day-by-day, hour-by-hour, minute-by-minute and don’t forget to ask for help. Everyone deserves all the help they can get to create a day that they will remember forever.


Photos by Joel Ross Photography

Blog Post Written by: Katherine Hardy, EBE INTERN

Variety Manitoba Gold Heart Gala 2015

Variety Manitoba Gold Heart Gala 2015

This year we had the great pleasure of producing and planning an amazing Fundraising Gala Event for Variety Manitoba.

For this event, we wanted to re-energize it and create a fun, interactive environment for guests to experience. That is why we decided to bring the Variety Gala back to their entertainment and circus roots. Guests were invited to “Come One, Come All – Under the Big Top,” and experience a night that would take them back to their childhood ways and have them feeling like kids again.

When decorating a traditional ballroom, it can present a bit of a challenge when creating a big top feel, so developing the theme to represent a circus everyone knows and loves was important. Large red and white drapes hung from the ceiling resembling the iconic circus tent, and circus ring table centrepieces were created to add some fun to the tables. They were even set with miniature circus animals.

To get guests involved throughout the night, we wanted to have them moving around and interacting with multiple elements. That meant adding a little twist to traditional gala features and using every square inch of the venue.

Upon arrival, guests were greeted with freshly baked mini donuts from the Mini Donuts & More truck, and they walked down a vibrant red carpet to lead them upstairs under the big top. They were also greeted with a little show from jugglers, stilt walkers, and contortionists.

In lieu of a silent auction, guests had the chance to play popular childhood games like Operation, balloon darts, ring toss, and Mega Wire. Who doesn’t love healthy competition? We also included a balloon pop, which guests could buy a balloon to have a  chance at winning a prize.

To top it all off, entertainers from Folklorama Talent, Dan and Kim Craig of The Street Circus/Circus Spectacle, and Dean Gunnarson performed incredible acts that had guests entertained and in awe of their talent. Later in the evening, guests were invited to snap a photo with Dean Gunnarson and ask him all the “how” questions.

The evening finished off with a Sweet Shop, sponsored by Boyd Autobody and Salisbury House where guests helped themselves to a delicious array of treats such as donuts, mini pies, cotton candy, popcorn and an ice cream bar with an assortment of toppings all to satisfy their sweet tooth.

We can’t believe another gala season has come to an end and we already can’t wait until next year!

Here are our favourite moments of the night!





Variety6 Variety5

Photography by D.Singh Photography

HUGE thank you to all of our wonderful vendors and partners!

  • Planning & Production: Events by Emma Corporation
  • Event Design & Decor: Events by Emma
  • Event Rentals: Events by Emma
  • Venue & Catering: Delta Winnipeg Hotel
  • Linens: Chair-rish Your Moments
  • Draping: Dream Day Decorators
  • Florals: Academy Florists
  • DJ Music: Elite Lighting
  • AV & Lighting: Freeman Audio Visual
  • Entertainment: Folklorama Talent (various), Circus Spectacle, Dean Gunnarson
  • Games: Aquaventronics and Events by Emma
  • Cotton Candy: Swirly Sweets
  • Popcorn: Kernals
  • Desserts: Salisbury House
  • Favours: Candles from Coal & Canary

Special Thanks to all of the amazing Volunteers and Staff from The Variety Organization and the EBE Team

Blog Written by: Katherine Hardy, EBE Intern

Popular themes for 2015

Themes are a great way to elevate your event to the next level. It is a way to get your guest involved in a fun and interactive way and transport them somewhere entirely different.

Picking a theme can be difficult. It is important to choose a theme that is current and fresh. You want to think of your audience and what they will enjoy.

Here are some of the top themes we are excited about for 2015.

Secret Garden

Think of a whimsical, enchanted forest with lots of soft, pale colours. This theme is absolutely beautiful and can have guests feeling like they just entered a fairytale. Cover the room with beautiful flowers and greenery with accents of rustic wood pieces.

Western Theme

Round up your guests and have them dust off their cowboy boots to experience the Wild West. Fill the room with rustic pieces and burlap. Have your guests step up to the saloon for a drink and perhaps incorporate traditional western pieces like swinging doors.

Mythology Theme

Take your guests back to Greek mythology in 2000 BC with this theme. Transform the room with white cascading drapes from the ceiling and spectacular topiary around the room or as centerpieces. Accent the room with gold and roman columns. Guest will surely feel like Greek Gods and Goddesses.

Nautical Theme

Sail your guests away in this red, white, and blue theme. Drape the tables with navy blue linens and accent the room with rope and blue and white stripes. To make your guests feel like they are at sea, flood the room with beautiful blue lighting.

Some other event themes we love are, MASH, Seven Wonders, Lost in Space, and Fairy Tale Fantasy.
Blog Written by: Katherine Hardy, EBE Intern





Summer, Fall and Winter are always exciting and extremely busy times of year at Events by Emma (EBE).

We’re currently in the peak of Gala season, just beginning our exciting Wedding season and preparing for our fall events, galas and holiday events, Not to mention gearing up for what looks like an even busier New Year in 2016!

For that reason, we’re on the search for passionate and energetic individuals to join our growing team.

The Events by Emma Corporation is a dynamic and thriving family-run Event Management business in Winnipeg. Named one of Canada’s Top 5 Planners and Best Event Planner for Winnipeg for 2015  – with over 20 years of experience our creative and dedicated team of planners and event staff are proven industry leaders that specialize in couture planning, production and design for every occasion.

We are now Accepting Applications for the following positions:

EBE – Planning & Event Design Coordinator, 2015 – Job Description
EBE – Event Crew Member, 2015 – Job Description
EBE – Truck-Trailer Driver, 2015 – Job Description

(Please CLICK on the link for the full job summary/description)
Please apply via-email to:

Please submit cover letter with resume and references via email.

Deadline: Friday, May 22, 2015

Events by Emma appreciates the interest of all applicants, however, only those under consideration will be contacted directly for an interview and meeting.


Gala Season is Here

Gala season is officially underway in Winnipeg.

Hosting a gala is a great way to showcase your cause and generate support from your community. A gala traditionally involves a dinner, dance, entertainment, and silent auctions.

During gala season, it is important to set yourself apart from the rest. When planning a gala, you want to create a memorable experience for those in attendance. To help, here are some important elements that can really elevate your event.

D.Singh PhographyD.Singh Photography

Décor: This is the first thing your guests will notice when arriving. Creating an eye-catching environment is key. Start with a theme and find ways to incorporate it into the entranceway, tables, and surrounding area. Remember to include the theme into invitations and promotions to help create anticipation for your guests.

D.singh Photography (2)

D.Singh Photography

Location: Picking the right location for your event can add multiple elements to your gala. A location can help with the ambience and affect your ideas and layout. It is important that before picking where you want to hold your gala, you determine the big details first. Not every location will be able to accommodate what you want.

Moore Photography (2)

Moore Photography

Engagement: You want your guests to have an unforgettable experience. Adding an interactive aspect for your guests to get them involved is key. Also, remember to keep your theme in mind. At the Concordia Hospital Foundation Gala in 2014, we had a curling rink for guests to use. It was only fitting, as Team Jennifer Jones was in attendance, and Ms. Jones was honoured with the 2014 Martin Bergen Award.

Entertainment: Guests want to have a good time. By including live music, dancers, or a show, guests will be able to enjoy the environment and perhaps experience something out of the ordinary. It helps to set the mood and provides an opportunity to compliment your theme.

D.Singh Photography
D.Singh Photography

Moore Photography
Moore Photography

Trevor Brucki Photography
Trevor Brucki Photography

Now you’ve put on an event, how do you get people coming back?

Keep it different: It is important to change things up. That could mean changing your theme, location, or even the format of your event. People want to see how you can top your last event.

Small details count: Guests want to have an enjoyable time from start to finish. Remember to keep things on schedule. That means serving dinner at the right time and preventing speeches from going to long. You don’t want your guests becoming restless. It will ultimately distract them from the key messages you are trying to provide.

Blog Written by: Katherine Hardy, EBE Intern

Bringing you more

Happy Spring Everyone!

Events by Emma is getting back to blogging on a regular basis and we couldn’t be more excited.

We have a lot of a new things planned this year for the blog, and hope to provide you with helpful tips and extra knowledge on what goes in to planning an event, whether it be corporate, fundraising, or a wedding.

We would also love to here from you. Let us know what you’d like to see us blogging about by commenting below.

Don’t forget to check out our other social media pages.





Photo by D.Singh

Today – We are so excited to announce!



Top Choice Awards is honoured to announce that Events by Emma has been voted Top Event Planner of 2015 in the City of Winnipeg.


The Top Choice Awards is an important institution for the local and international business scene. The organization conducts democratic surveys, in cities around the globe, with the singular purpose of identifying and promoting businesses and professionals who have distinguished themselves amongst their competitors and earned the peoples’ trust.

The results were collected during the proprietary Top Choice Awards 2015 Survey, which asked respondents to nominate their Top Choice in a variety of categories based on Quality, Service, Value and Professionalism. This survey has also been conducted in 12 other Canadian cities, identifying over 650 top businesses and professionals receiving over 450,000 votes.

It is clear that whenever people have a choice they prefer to deal with businesses and professionals who are trusted by consumers The TOP CHOICE AWARD is the “MARK OF EXCELLENCE” worn by today’s leading businesses and professionals, representing the trust and loyalty that they have earned from the people they serve.