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After deciding she needed a change in her career, Yvonne Kriskovic, owner decided to immerse herself in something she had a passion for – events and décor. Kriskovic and her husband, Steve Kriskovic, first started their business out of the comfort of their home in 2002. The business quickly grew and now Dream Day Decorators fills a 15,000 square foot warehouse.

Yvonne loves working with clients and helping them make their wedding or event truly incredible. She says she is always up for a challenge and enjoys creating new looks. Dream Day Decorators has grown to be one of Winnipeg’s leading event décor and linen suppliers.

At Events by Emma, we work with Yvonne and the team at Dream Day Decorators during many of our events, including weddings, corporate affairs, and non-profit fundraisers. “Their passion for events and willingness to try something new with all of our EBE Designs and event projects help our team to surpass all of our clients expectations,” says Singh. “We could not do what we do without their amazing support and beautiful linens, chair covers and draping. Their selection is amazing and they are always willing to bring in new items to keep our events looking fresh, stunning, and innovative,” says Singh.

IMG_6686Why are linens so important for an event?
Linens truly transform the room, they are the foundation of your décor elements. They really help you create a feel or theme that helps to set the mood on your day.

What is something people may not know when choosing their linens?
Choosing your linens really starts with choosing the right vendor. It is very important to work with a company that understands that quality is of the utmost importance. Here at Dream Day we wash and press all our own linens which helps us to control quality and ensure that our clients are getting the best product available.

What would you tell someone who knows nothing about choosing linens for an event?
It’s important to know what colours you are working with and the overall mood that want your room to have. How do you want your guests to feel when they enter your event? From fun and vibrant or romantic, classy and elegant.

What are some trends for 2016?
We are seeing a lot of neutral tones, very elegant, and classy. Clients are loving soft colours, champanges and golds.

What are some tips you would give someone looking at linens for their event?
Don’t be scared of colour and textures or being creative with the linens. They can create such an amazing statement and energy into the room.

What is it like working with Events by Emma? I truly love working with Events by Emma and her team. They are very passionate and professional and always have their client’s interests at heart. They create very unique designs and thrive to push the limits in their designs to truly give their clients and the guests a memorable event.

What is your favourite event you’ve worked on with the EBE Team?

Oh, that is tough … I have really like a lot of them. Probably the Grey Cup Events as it was one of the largest events and the most challenging, not to mention that it was such an honour to be involved with them.

IMG_1156 copy IMG_6817

Meet Our Partners | Academy Florist

AF logo.blacktextWhile scrolling through Academy Florist’s Instagram account, it’s easy to be in awe of their breathtaking arrangements that are overflowing with beautiful flowers and luscious greens.

Academy Florist has been a popular choice in Winnipeg for over 30 years. They manage to stay on-top by their innovative ideas when creating their stunning arrangements.

“I believe that usually whatever everyone else is doing, I do the opposite,” says Irene Seaman, owner of Academy Florist. “When everyone else catches on, I try to go onto something else. That’s been my motto all these years.”

Irene Seaman is the owner of Academy Florists and has been surrounded by flowers her entire life. Growing up, her great grandfather and father both had their very own greenhouses.

“We used to do floral arrangements and weddings out of our greenhouse and I said, ‘okay dad, if I’m going to be working and doing flowers we need to open a shop,’” says Seaman.

Because she is surrounded by flowers all day, Seaman says it is easy to be happy and says it’s one of the perks of her job.

“It’s a proven fact that flowers do affect a person’s mood, so most of my girls are always happy,” says Seaman. “If they aren’t doing well, we put their face in front of the flowers and say here make this arrangement colourful and beautiful.”

Without a doubt Irene and the girls at Academy Florist work hard and put countless hours in to make every event a success, which is why the EBE team loves working with them. We can count on them to fulfill our expectations and even go above and beyond.

We asked Irene some questions and we are sharing her answers and tips with you!

What are some of the current trends?
Right now the garden style is in and the more natural look is in. Whereas five years ago it was hardly any greenery and now there’s lots of greenery. Garlands are in right now, which weren’t in for the longest time. In the 70s every head table had a garland.

How many flowers do you usually go through per day?
We go through thousands of flowers. Just roses alone I think we go through at least 3,0o0

What is something people may not know that goes into the process of arranging flowers?
People think it’s a lot of fun. It’s a lot more work than anyone would ever think. First of all it’s a lot of work trying to get in the right amount of flowers, in the right condition. There are not a lot of flowers that are grown in Manitoba, so once they’re here, you have to process them, cut them, trim the leaves, you have to make sure the flowers are nice, and you have to treat them so they’ll open up well.

What are some tips you would give someone choosing flowers for an event? (Irene recommends knowing the answers to these questions to help make the most of your first meeting)
1. Where’s the event and what kind of event is it. (casual event, fancy affair, country and is it a wedding, anniversary, birthday).
2. How large is it? Is it going to be a lot of people or intimate.
3. What is your colour scheme or what would you like it to be? (What colour are your table clothes/what colour do you lean towards/what is your favorite colour)
4. Do you have a favourite flower?
5. What is your budget?

What is it like working with Events by Emma?
What I like about working with Emma is that  we can put our ideas together and our talents together and we can come up with something pretty fantastic. Emma often allows us to give our suggestions about the flowers we should use, and that makes a huge difference. We know what’s available and what we can do for that price, so we try our best to make it look very good.

Here are some photos from Irene’s favourite events she’s worked on with us!

Peter+Justyna (5 of 12) copy

Ramdath-Rydzygowska Wedding
Photo Credit: Jason Poturica

Peter+Justyna (3 of 12) copyRamdath-Rydzygowska Wedding
Photo Credit: Jason Poturica

IMG_1426 copy Reshia-Bhullar Wedding
Photo Credit: D. Singh Photography

Post Written by: Katherine Hardy, EBE INTERN

Stepping Up Your Gala Game


So your sponsors are rolling in and your seats are getting filled. Your decor, menu and venue are finalized and you’re working hard to get the little details in check. All that’s really left is the program and speaking notes, and your team is ready to rock n’ roll.

When putting together your gala program, it’s important to find ways to engage with your sponsors and guests to enhance their experience at your event. Your fundraiser is a golden opportunity to sell your non-profit organization and the importance of their support and your hard work. Your fundraiser is also a reflection of your organization and your cause, and if they have a valuable and positive experience at your event, the more likely they’ll associate valuable and positive thoughts to your non-profit.

Here are five ways to step up your gala game, and impress your sponsors and guests:

1. First Impression
With any event you should aim to impress your guests by surpassing their expectations right when they arrive. If your venue is in a hotel with several ballrooms, have a few of your volunteers in the lobby welcoming your guests and directing them to the correct ballroom. In addition, a cocktail hour is a great opportunity to set the vibe for your entire evening. Promote a signature drink and don’t forget to dress up your cocktail tables and bar. Go the extra mile and hire an hour of entertainment that goes hand-in-hand with your event theme.


2. Use Social Media
Social media is a great tool to get people talking, not only about your event, but also about your cause. Be sure to preplan an event #hashtag on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, and share it with your guests on the program. Have your Master of Ceremonies encourage your guests to take photos of the event and to share their photos and experience online. Not only will they be able to contribute to the conversation, but it will also have them spreading the word about your event and your cause to their family and friends!

3. Get your Sponsors Involved
Without your sponsors your fundraising gala wouldn’t be possible. When there’s an opportunity to get the crowd involved, take it! Go beyond the free seats, logo placement and verbal shout out during the program, and find a unique way to have them be a part of the event. Invite them on-stage and have them present an award or have them announce the auction winners. If you want to engage them further, have a representative from each sponsor table participate in a fun game during dinner, which will also double as program entertainment.


Photo credit: Robert Lowdon Photography

4. Call for Action Auction
Not everyone in the crowd is a live auction or even silent auction person, but it doesn’t mean they’re not interested to give to your charity. Call for Action Auction is a fundraising technique you can use at your gala that will allow for your guests not interested in the live or silent auctions to make a donation they’re comfortable with. This can be done by exchanging a fixed donation (e.g. $25, $50 or $100) with a token of support. For example, our client, Special Olympics Manitoba, sold bronze, silver and gold medals to their gala guests for less than $100. All proceeds from the sales were considered donation to help support Special Olympics.


5. Say Thank You
When your event is said and done, don’t forget to take the time and personally thank all of your sponsors, volunteers and guests. Ensuring all of your supporters feel valued and appreciated is important to maintaining and building those key relationships. When next year comes along, you’ll feel more equipped and confident when approaching them again.


To find out more about how to impress your sponsors at your gala, or to discuss an upcoming event you are planning, connect with Events by Emma at , or call 204-779-8812.

It’s all in the Details


Photo credit: blfStudios

You’re planning your big day and you’re determined to “wow” your guests with a one-of-a-kind wedding that is unique to both you and your fiancé. Well, if that’s the case, any good planner would tell you: “it’s all in the details.”

Carefully thought out details is the key to turning a cookie-cutter wedding into a couture and memorable personal affair. At Events by Emma, we know first-hand the dramatic impact of precisely planned and executed details, which is why we don’t take any details lightly. From the colour of your wall lighting to the font in your program, it should all work together and compliment one another.

Think past the colour of your dress, your location, your table linen, and even the extravagant centrepieces that drapes your tables.

Here are seven significant wedding details that should never go unnoticed.

1. Guestbook Table
The first thing your guests will see at your reception is your guestbook table. Be sure to take time and give thought to your guestbook table and what it will include. Be sure not to forget to order extra banquet linens to dress your guestbook table and try to incorporate elements from your centrepiece and floral. Other elements that you may want to add is an enlarged photo of you and your fiancé from your engagement shoot, a unique outlet your guests can sign their names and pass on marriage life advise, and a designated area to drop off presentations. Don’t forget some close friends and family to welcome your guests and monitor the guestbook and presentations, and you’re set!


Photo credit: blfStudios

2. Table Numbers
When your guests enter your reception, their eyes will automatically gravitate to finding their table number (after they’re finished admiring your fabulous décor, of course!). With that in mind, it’s important to dress up your table numbers to compliment your table design. There are so many unique and beautiful ways to incorporate your colour and theme into your table design.

3. Printed Programs
Your ceremony and reception programs should be more than a piece of paper. Your programs should compliment your decor, while filling your guests in with what they can expect that day. Take a peek online and get inspired by beautiful and unique wedding day programs that play off unique designs and typography. For your ceremony program why not include a brief summary of your love story or how he/she proposed. If you’re having a religious ceremony, also include explanations of religious traditions they’ll witness that day. For your reception program, go surpass the menu and speaker order, and use the space to say thank you to your wedding party, family and guests.

4. Cake Table
Just like your dress, you paid good money to get the cake of your dreams. Chances are you and your fiancé took time to do your research on how you wanted it to look and even sat in on several tastings to find the perfect cake flavour. Once you’ve found your cake, be sure to dedicate a special space on or by your stage to show it off. Your planner and cake artist should work together to ensure the cake becomes a focal point of the room design. Be creative and try the “hanging cake” or design a separate backdrop for your cake table to  create a dramatic appeal.


Photo credit: Moore Photography

5. Party Favours
Your wedding favour is your last chance to “wow” your guests. Follow our important EBE rule: “a party favour should either be edible or practical,” and you’ll be good to go. Some examples for an edible favour is the always appreciated late-night dessert or try customizing your own tea blend and give them away in your own customized packaging. As for practical, give out flip-flips on the dance floor to encourage your guests to keep dancing, despite their aching feet. Another wedding favour trend we love seeing is when the newlyweds donate to a charity close to their hearts on behalf of their guests, in substitute to favours. Your guests will feel touched and appreciate the donation made with their name.


Photo credit: blfStudios

6. Pretty Hanger
You’ve invested a mini fortune on your dress, and rightfully so. Your dress is what your groom and even your guests are waiting to see. When the day comes along and your wedding photographer is hanging around you and your girls during hair and make-up, he/she will be working hard to capture all the special moments pre-wedding. A must-shoot for every photographer is a detailed photo of your hanging wedding dress. So do your photographer (and yourself) a favour and have the dress hanging on a pretty hanger that will only compliment the photo, rather than ruining the shot.


Photo credit: Jeremy Hiebert Photography

7. Wedding Party Gifts
Let’s be honest, we know you couldn’t have done it without the support of your wedding party and your family. So give special thought of what special gift you’d like to present them during your big day. Do them (and yourself) a favour and don’t opt for the overdone engraved flask. For bridesmaids, you can try a designer clutch or wallet, personalized charm bracelet or necklace, or a gift certificate to the spa. For the groomsmen, try a money clip or leather travel kit, a bottle of the finest scotch, or group tickets to the city’s next biggest concert.

To find out more about how to plan the perfect wedding details, or to discuss an upcoming event you are planning, connect with Events by Emma at , or call 204-779-8812.


Charlene Jeff - Jerry Vergel (2)

Photo credit: Jerry Vergel Photography

After graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Manitoba, Sohan Jammu combined his interests for event lighting with his entrepreneurship drive and established Elite Lighting. Since 2010, Elite Lighting has provided unique and innovative lighting options for their clients, while also looking after various a/v components such as projectors, screens, sound setups and live video feeds. During 2013 Elite Lighting provided lighting for 120 weddings, corporate events and non-profit events.

Christa Jeff - Joel Ross (2)

Photo by: Joel Ross Photography

Every year Elite Lighting is seeing a growth in clients and the types of events they do, and just recently expanded their services to Calgary, AB. “Calgary is a larger city, and we felt that lighting has not yet taken off in the wedding industry, shares Jammu.“We thought this would be a perfect time to enter the industry and showcase what lighting had to offer.”

Despite all the corporate conferences and non-profit fundraisers Elite Lighting partners with, Jammu shares his favourite event will always be weddings. “There is more of a creative and artistic element that goes into the planning and design of each wedding. This in turn lets us come up with creative ways of transforming ordinary venues into something spectacular,” Jammu says.

Carmen Chris - Jeremy Hiebert (2)

Photo credit: Jeremy Hiebert Photography

Regardless of the size of your budget, lighting should be one of the most important décor investments you make during the planning process. Strategic LED up-lightingand spotlights can single-handedly change the atmosphere for your guests, and will also enhance your event stage and centrepieces. For example, spotlighting can create focal points for a wedding’s head table, cake table and dance floor. In addition LED up-lighting is a great opportunity to incorporate your event’s colours, tying everything in with your décor theme and template. Throw in your customized monograms and textured lighting and you’ll transform your room, and create a lasting ‘wow’ factor.

Events by Emma - Raman & Gary  (57)

Photo by: William Au Photography

If you want to learn more about Elite Lighting, email or visit

Six Steps to Plan a Successful Gala


Planning a fundraising gala is far from a walk in the park. Gala planning requires commitment, resourcefulness, and a lot of man-hours. However, for not-for-profits and charities, their annual galas are essential for their cash flow, donor stewardship, and for raising public awareness of their cause.

Each year more and more galas get thrown in the mix, each with a worthwhile and meaningful cause. With so many competing galas fighting for the spotlight, it’s crucial for organizations to take the right measures to avoid being left in the dark.

To ensure the success of your fundraising event, follow these six steps:

1. Save the Date
First rule of business, choose your date as early as possible. These dates are often finalized as far as a year in advance. Yes, this means our clients sometimes finalize next year’s date, even before this year’s date takes place. Be sure to check that your date doesn’t conflict with any religious holidays, large city events (e.g. hockey games), or even any competing galas that may have your sponsors or ticket-buyers torn. If all is a go, run your date off with the venue of your choice and book!


Photo Credit: Manuel F. Sousa Photography

2. Set Goals
What is our fundraising goal? How many seats are we hoping to fill? What are our revenue streams during the event? Are we collecting live and silent auction prizes? These are all important questions that should be answered at the beginning of the planning process. Your goals will help shape what your event will look like, and what steps you’ll need to take to make it reality.

3. Have Deadlines
It’s so important to schedule a strict timeline and critical path of deadlines and stick to them. Plan as much as you can in advance. Send out those sponsorship packages earlier than you did last year. Schedule your meetings with the venue and vendors at the beginning of the planning process to ensure they’re available. Most importantly, be sure to follow-up with everyone you said you’d follow-up with.

4. Find a Catch
It’s important to distinguish to potential sponsors and ticket-purchasers why your gala will be different (and more valuable) than others. The key is to know your target market, and to understand what compels them. At times, it means bringing in an all-star sports athlete to speak at the event. Other times, it means wowing them with the décor and entertainment, or maybe even giving away a once in a lifetime auction prize.


Photo Credit: Ian Mccausland

5. Hire a Planner and/or Designer
Companies often underestimate the time and resources it requires to pull off a fundraising gala. Chances are the internal employee who is planning your gala is already trying to balance a full-time workload. In order to yield the best results, invest in a professional team of planners and designers and take the stress off of your staff. When the day finally comes, your planner will have décor and production covered, while your staff can enjoy the night and schmooze with donors.

6. Do Something Different
Donating money to an important cause looks great on any company, but let’s face it, after countless galas, they all start to blend together. Be sure to bring in key-note speakers who have unique and compelling stories and testimonials. Go beyond the typical chicken and potato banquet main course and try fun cultural food stations. In addition, keep the party going all night with an energetic live band that performs covers tailored to your crowd’s taste. By throwing in interactive and entertaining elements, it will keep your guests engaged and raving about your gala (and your cause) for days and months long after.


Photo Credit: Jeremy Hiebert Photography

To find out more about how to plan a successful gala, or to discuss an upcoming event you are planning, connect with Events by Emma at, or call 204-779-8812.


LOVE COLOUR – Day 1: Freesia


After finalizing the date of our client’s event, the next big decision is always COLOUR. Before moving forward with floral arrangements, table linens and event design, we have to decide on the event’s colour palette, which could consist of vibrant hues, subtle accents, and complimentary neutrals.

Pantone’s Fashion Colour Report for Spring 2014 has us SO excited about this year’s top colour trends, we just have to blog about it! This year’s colour trends are a mixture of soft pastels and vivid brights. According to Pantone, the colour equilibrium spring palette is inspired by blooming flowers and traveling abroad.

So, In honour of our favourite holiday here at EBE, Valentine’s Day, we’re counting down to February 14 with our new LOVE COLOUR series.

Each day we’ll be sharing with you a table design our EBE team put together highlighting one of the amazing colour trends from Pantone’s Fashion Colour Report for Spring 2014. Each day, we’ll share new ways you can incorporate pops of colour in your table designs.

Here’s Day 1: Freesia (Pantone 14-0852)!


Photography: Moore Photography

Three Ways to Add Colour to your Event:

Don’t be afraid to make a statement with a bright and colourful linen! Be sure to experiment with the different textures, as they too also make a world of a difference.

One of our favourite ways to incorporate our colour palette is by using stationary to add pops of colour on our table design. Don’t go overboard, sometimes all you need is hints and accents of your main colour on the stationary designs.

Oh my, where do we even begin? Flowers is the perfect way to bring colour to life on your table designs. Depending on the season and time of year, you can have your pick with blooms that goes with your colour and your budget.

Thank you to our wonderful vendors who contributed to this table design:
Planning & Table Design: Events by Emma
Linens & Draping – Planned Perfectly
Florals, Draping & Rentals – Floral Elements
Decor Rentals & Chivari Chairs – Events by Emma
Custom Stationary – Terlie
Cake – Chocolate Zen Bakery
Lighting – Elite Lighting
Custom Signs – Urbanink and Sign Source
Venue – Winnipeg Convention Centre

Table was originally designed for the 2012 Wonderful Wedding Show – Wedding Inspiration Gallery.

Seven Ways to Spice up your Corporate Holiday Event


Photo Credit: Curtis Moore Photography

Corporate Holiday Season is back! But it’s about more than fancy dinners and acknowledging the holiday season — corporate holiday parties are a great opportunity to boost employee morale, encourage stronger work relationships and to really show your employees they’re truly appreciated. After all, happy employees equates to happy customers, which can do nothing but good to your bottom line.

When planning your next corporate holiday party, keep in mind the event will be a reflection of your corporate brand and culture. So why not ‘WOW’ your employees and your closest partners by trying one or a few (or even all!) of these 2013 holiday event trends:

1. Custom Food Menus and Presentation
With the increase in reality TV shows like Master Chef and Chopped, viewers are more educated and exposed to fine-dining courses and presentation, which means it’s going to a take a lot more than a typical chicken and potato banquet main course to impress them. Buffet-style food stations with interactive elements such as a carving station, or a chef on-site working the stove are great options. Also, don’t be afraid to ask your vendor or caterer about a custom menu, you’ll be surprised!


Photo Credit: Jeremy Hiebert Photography

2. Lounges
We’re seeing a lot less formal round tables of eight at our corporate events, and more of the high-style lounges. The lounges encourages guests to mix and mingle, rather than be confined to their assigned table for the evening. Lounge furniture such as couches, accent tables and high-tops can help create a luxurious scene that invite your employees to socialize and have fun.


Photo Credit: D. Singh Photography

3. Interactive Entertainment
Definite must-have for this holiday season? Live entertainment! Live bands performing covers of some classic hits is a perfect way to get your staff moving on the dance floor. However if dancing isn’t for everyone, try different interactive activities such as tarot card reader, casino tables, raffle prizes or a cookie-decorating station. One of our favourite trends for 2014 is slow motion video booths. Similar to the traditional photo booth, the video booths bring interactive to a new level and will definitely be a hit!


Photo Credit: Robert Lowdon Photography

4. U
nique Drink Service
Signature cocktails is an easy and inexpensive addition to any event and can really add that personalize touch. Play around with the name, different glassware and signage for your signature drinks to fit your event concept and theme. Instead of passing the signature drink around, why not try a drinking fountain? The drinking fountain adds another interactive element in addition to gorgeous decor. If you do decide signature drinks are for you, don’t forget to include at least one virgin option for your guests.


Photo Credit: Curtis Moore Photography

5. Dessert-To-Go
Our favourite party favours are definitely the edible kind. After a successful night of socializing and dancing, a bite-size baked good during the ride home is always a sweet treat. For your next dessert station, you can simply include small white paper boxes or decorative goodie bags. This season, we’re seeing a lot of macaroons, pastries, shortbread cookies, and even ethnic desserts.


Photo Credit: Manuel F. Sousa Photography

6. Decor
When your guests walk into the room, the real ‘wow’ factor comes from the decor and scenery. Stunning centre pieces, textured linens,  and breath-taking floral arrangements are all key to tie event decor together. Lighting is also HUGE when creating scenery and enhancing the mood for guests. A few LED up lighting, wall washes and candles can go a long way.


Photo Credit: Trevor Brucki

7. Philanthropic
Corporate social responsibility is a growing expectation not only from employees but from the community at large. A corporate holiday event is an excellent opportunity to showcase your company’s dedication to local charities and causes. This initiative can be met by simply by hosting a collection drive at the door, for example each guests are asked to bring a new toy or a non-perishable food item. Other options are donating proceeds from the raffle prizes, poker tables or even the ticket sales.


(Originally Published in the October/November 2013 The Indo-Canadian Telegram)

RRCC Workshop – Wedding Planning






Photos by Events by Emma

Red River College – Wedding Planning Workshop April 29, 2009

For the second time, I had the pleasure of participating in a special Wedding Planning Workshop at Red River Community College, hosted by Elaine Kinchen. I was asked again to discuss hot wedding trends, etiquette and the do’s and don’ts of vendor selection. Once again we threw in a fun demonstration on creating a themed decor table.

As you can see from the photos we took, the class did an amazing job creating this very elegant table setting.

Special thanks to Elaine for having Events by Emma again, Planned Perfectly Linens for the lovely linens and to Kim who helped me prep everything for the workshop facilitation.

Have a great weekend.