Wonderful Wedding Show 2016

As the new year is upon us, we know wedding season is fast approaching and it’s time to start planning!

This weekend, January 23 & 24, the Wonderful Wedding Show will be at the RBC Convention Centre Winnipeg. We are excited to have a brand new booth in a brand new location –  Booth 205 & 207 (close to the main stage) on the 3rd level nearest the West Lobby

This year the creative team at EBE has dreamed up an amazing modern booth design showcasing the Top 10 Pantones of the Year, including Rose Quartz and Serenity. Check out our beautiful table design inspired by these colours and entitled “Pantone Passion.

Emma and the entire EBE Team will be there throughout the weekend to meet with Brides, answer questions and book FREE 1-hr Initial Consultations.

Make sure to follow us on Instagram and Twitter to see what we’re up to!

For more information and to purchase tickets, visit wonderfulweddingshow.com

We can’t wait to see you this weekend!

Autumn Engagements: Falling In Love

fallengagement1Although there is no particular etiquette that dictates when a couple should get engaged, there are many deciding factors that can help you decide on the timing. Are you both fully committed to the idea of marriage? Do you already live together, or do you see that in your future? Are you both at a good place financially?

According to Weddingbells, there will be en estimated 160,324 weddings in 2015 in Canada, and of that, 67% of weddings will occur between the months of June to September. But when is the best time to get engaged? According to the same survey, December has the most engagements with 20% of men popping the question during that month.

But, all that aside, we think that you’ll know in your heart of hearts when the time is right to get engaged.

The fall is a perfectly wonderful option! You’ve likely wrapped up all your summer vacation, and with the upcoming holidays, you can enjoy the magic of the season and attend all the holiday parties as a newly engaged couple. You’ll get to share in the moment with your friends and family, without having that question in the back of your mind “is now the best time?”

Plus, there’s something inherently romantic about autumn and winter. Once you see the leaves start to turn, feel the wind change and find there’s a bite in the air, it’s hard to deny the carefree feeling of summer is over. It’s the time of harvest; to reap all the seeds we’ve sown over the spring and summer, and to spend time with our family. Parks and backyards lend themselves to be the perfect backdrop, and the air is just cool enough to snuggle up together with sweaters and thick scarves on (fall engagements ma
ke for incredible photos with the lush colours of autumn.)

We find that we are talking to newly engaged couples every fall who want to start thinking about their wedding day, and it’s so thrilling to begin taking those first steps with them.

We encourage newly engaged couples to book their consultation with Events by Emma today to start planning their wedding day by emailing !

Three things to consider while planning your engagement:

  • How can you add a personal touch that means something to your relationship? Is there a song that reminds you of when you met? Is there a special location that will remind you both of a special memory? Are you a pair of foodies that have a deep appreciation for baked goods? Whatever it may be, it will show how you hold these unique things about you both as a couple near to your heart.
  • fallengagement2Whether or not you are asking the parents for their blessing, take the time to tell your close family and friends about your engagement personally before you post your new status online. It may seem like the quickest and sensible thing to do, but telling your loved ones in person, or on the phone, will make those close in your life feel part of your new adventure.
  • Don’t over think it! Don’t over analyze every detail. Often times, the more imperfect the proposal, the more you will remember it years from now. Relax and enjoy the moment because that’s what it’s all about.

Now that it’s 2015 and we are in the age of technology, we see so many couples posting their unique engagement stories online, and there’s a wealth of examples to pull from.

We’ve broken down what we think are the three main categories of proposals. Think about the style of proposal you want to do and infuse what makes you as a couple unique!

The Old Switcheroo

This is when you craft a perfectly reasonable plan to get your partner in a romantic situation, then ambush them! For example, get dressed up for a (fall!) photo shoot, and then suddenly pop the question all while capturing the moment. Or, plan a weekend trip that all leads up to the proposal on a sandy beach or romantic dinner. Or even, go the totally casual route like when Aidan purposed to Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and the City on a completely non-glamorous dog walk, but it was spontaneous and special.

The Big Reveal

This is all about planting the question for her to discover, much like a mini treasure hunt. It can be small, like writing “Will You Marry Me?” on a cake. Or big, like spelling it out with a skywriter. Involve friends and family in the surprise by asking them to wear t-shirts that spell out the question. Is she always on the computer working on something? Sneak onto her laptop and change the wallpaper to a picture of you on one knee. Or, be old fashion and purchase an ad in the paper – especially if you know she’s going to read it Saturday morning.

Your creativity knows no bounds! We adore this unique little flipbook proposal from The Flippest.

The Declaration

This one’s all about making an attention grabbing statement that’s full of surprise. It can be as small as a family dinner, or as large as arranging to get on stage with her favourite local band. We’ve seen plenty of videos go viral with flash mobs, including elaborate dance numbers, live bands and choirs. Just check out this guy. This is a great one for sports fans. Try calling your local team to arrange for your big question to appear on the big screen, then get on one knee in front of the whole stadium. These grand gestures are sure to be stories you will tell for years to come.

Sources: 2015 Weddingbells’ Annual Reader Survey

Photo credit: Pure Light Studio

Kevin and Ashley | 1920s Inspired Wedding

On September 12, 2015, Ashley and Kevin said “I do” during a glamorous 1920s inspired wedding. The Manitoba Club’s Grand Ballroom was the perfect fit for their lavish ceremony and reception. The room was filled with black, gold, and blush accents with classic 1920s staples like a gramophone, vintage camera, feathers and a martini bar.

Monogrammed 20s styled dance floor with the couples initials, feathers, and rose gold leaves in the table arrangements were unique elements throughout that truly brought everything together. There was no shortage of sparkle throughout the day, especially with the bridesmaids channeling their inner 20s glamour wearing beautiful gold sequinned gowns.

Congratulations Ashley and Kevin! We wish you a lifetime of happiness.









Photography by Luxe Images by Jill

Thank you to all our wonderful vendors!
Planning – Events by Emma
Design and Tablescape Rentals – Events by Emma
Venue – The Manitoba Club (Grand Ballroom)
Photography – Luxe Images by Jill
Videographer – Michael J. Scott Productions
Florists – Academy Florists
Linens and Draping – Dream Day Decorators
Cake – Cake Studio
Favours –  Laugh Love Cakes
Lighting/Sound – Stage Lite Manitoba Ltd.
Dance Floor – Swank Event Rentals
Officiant – Matthew Tyler Slobodian
Band – Big City All Star Band
Hair/Makeup – Urbanite Salon
Limo – London Limousine Service

Traditional Indian Wedding | Sabeer and Ashley


Wedding season is well underway and we couldn’t be more happy to have Sabeer Rehsia and Ashley Bhullar’s wedding be our first of the season. The two tied the knot during a traditional Indian ceremony that was absolutely stunning.

The RBC Convention Centre was transformed into a romantic garden-inspired theme with blush and gold tones. Exquisite floral arrangements filled the room to create an indoor garden and 75-feet of garlands of greens were draped from the ceiling to make it truly breathtaking.

Events by Emma specializes in ethnic weddings (and Emma has produced over 300 weddings over her career) but as one of the newest interns, Sabeer and Ashley’s wedding was the first Indian wedding I’ve attended. If you are unfamiliar with Indian weddings or may be attending one soon, this post is a way to learn about what you may encounter during the wedding.

An Indian wedding isn’t short by any means. The guest list tends to be large and the entire day is extravagant. Before the wedding even begins, several events take place like a Mehndi, which is a pre-wedding ceremony where henna is applied for the bride, her family and friends. There is also a Sangeet, which is a big party the night before the wedding. The day of the ceremony and reception is filled with traditional Indian customs all of which I learnt as the day went on.

The day started with a procession of the Barat. Sabeer was brought to the front of the RBC Convention Centre on a red and gold decorated white horse. While on his way to the front, his family danced around him to the beat of a dhol (Indian drum). It is such a beautiful custom that had many pedestrians stopping to take a look. After a ton of dancing, the family reached the front doors of the RBC Convention Centre and both families exchanged flower garlands to symbolize their acceptance. This is a ceremony called Milni.

The procession was followed by a breakfast for guests to attend prior to entering the Gurudwara (a Sikh place of worship) for the ceremony.

The breakfast tables were lined with burgundy tablecloths with a simple floral arrangement on some and candles on the other. A guestbook table was set up with pictures of both the couple and their family and displayed in antique gold frames. It was a great way to share some of their best memories with guests.

After breakfast, it was time for guests to enter the Gurudwara. Females entered on the left and males on the right of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib (Sikh scripture). Shoes were removed, heads were covered with a scarf or bandana, and guests sat on the floor.

On each side of the isle there were large floral arrangements filled with peonies and roses and floating candles in a vase. The same green garlands from the ceiling were also draped alongside the isle. A mandap (covered structure with pillars) was built out of wood, with white fabric lining the top. Green garland wrapped around each post and the same arrangement of flowers filled the corners. It was the perfect way to tie in the romantic garden theme for Sabeer and Ashley.

Following the ceremony, a lunch was served and it was a time for the newly married couple to meet with family and friends. The lunch décor was similar to the breakfast, to keep things simple and leave the extravagance for the reception.

The lunch ended with a traditional shoe steal. The Reshia and Bhullar family gathered around the couple and Ashley’s family steals Sabeer’s shoes while his family protects him. This is a fun way for both families to interact and it was fun to watch. Lots of laughing and bartering occurred but in the end, the Reshia family presented an offer the Bhullar family couldn’t refuse.

Once Ashley was carried out of the room on a DHOLI chair, it was time to set up for the reception. The EBE team worked hard to transform the room into a bar, dining room, and dance room.

Guests arrived and could indulge in some appetizers and a glass of champagne. The bar was decorated with sequined cocktail tables and small floral centrepieces. The dining room was revealed when it was time for guest to be seated for the grand entrance of the newlyweds and their families. Prior to dinner, toast and speeches were given and followed by the cutting of the cake.

Dinner was absolutely delicious. Of course, a traditional Indian meal was served in a buffet style. Signature dishes including basmati rice, tandoori, butter chicken, and channa masala were served.

When the meal was done, guests were ready to dance. Surrounding the dance floor were couches and tables in an all-white colour scheme with gold and pink pillows for accents. The room truly looked like a nightclub. But, before the dancing began, guests experienced a special performance by Maples Bhangra Group. The dancing was phenomenal and upbeat. They had guests clapping and smiling the entire time.

The night was magical and the transformation of the RBC Convention Centre into a garden inspired theme was incredible. The details throughout the day were beautiful including the stunning sari’s women wear to the intricate sehra the groom wears during the procession of the Barat.

After attending my first ever Indian wedding, I was blown away by the amount of events throughout the day. There was never a moment when you weren’t celebrating and on such an important day, it is nice to see.

Congratulation Sabeer and Ashley!


bangastudios-096bangastudios-125bangastudios-126IMG_1156 copyIMG_1546 copy IMG_1495 copyIMG_1622 copy

Photo Credit: Banga Studios + D. Singh Photography

Thank you to all of our wonderful vendors!

Post Written by: Katherine Hardy, EBE INTERN

Table Talk – Choosing Table Shapes

When planning a wedding or event, you naturally start by picking out colours, flowers, and of course your wedding dress. Table shapes and layouts might not be near the top of the checklist, but these choices can intensify your décor and change the dynamic in your reception room.

The first instinct for some of our clients is to choose round tables to fill the room and seat their guests. Although round tables are a classic option and a shape we love to use, we also try to change it up. By introducing different table shapes into your venue, it creates interest and can change the interaction between your guests. 

Square Tables
Choosing to use square tables creates a modern look to your wedding or event. Square tables allow your guests to easily talk to others, as long as your centrepieces aren’t blocking their view. One of our client’s biggest worry when choosing to use square tables is that more guests will have their backs towards the front, but don’t worry they won’t. More guests will actually get a better view.

Table Shape2 Joel Ross

Photo by: Joel Ross Photography

Rectangle Table
Whether your theme is vintage, elegant, or modern, long rectangular tables can make any theme look beautiful. Also known as “family style” seating, this creates an intimate wedding. Connecting rectangle tables together creates drama and a regal atmosphere.

Table Shape2

Photo by Blf Studios

Mixing Table Shape
We love incorporating different shapes at a venue. Mix long and square tables, or combine circle and long tables together for eye-catching décor. Remember that every table can be tailored to work with your theme.

Once the tables are chosen, picking out what to decorate them with may be a challenge. For long tables, you may want to try floral and candle arrangements in various heights. Square tables have a much more room in the center, which means the centerpiece may need to be a bit larger.

To help you start thinking of centrepieces and to learn a little bit on how we choose them, here is a video to show you how Emma and the staff here at Events by Emma put together a few options for our client.

Video filmed by Jordan Popowich

Post Written by: Katherine Hardy, EBE INTERN

Ways to Help Ease Big Day Stress


With Wedding Season now kicking into full swing at EVENTS BY EMMA.

We thought we would share this important information with you and for our brides-to-be!

A lot of things go through a bride’s head on her wedding day. Will my dress fit? Will the day turn out perfect? Will everything be on time? It can be so overwhelming that you can forget to stop and take it all in.

As much as you try to prepare yourself for the big day stress is bound to happen. Here are some ways to manage stress on your big day!

Take a step back – Throughout the whole process, it’s important to enjoy it and not forget why you are doing it. Make every moment something to remember. It’s not everyday you get to dress up in a beautiful dress and be surrounded with everyone you love. Don’t wish for everything to be done!

Get lots of sleep– Sleep will help you feel re-charged and ready to go. Those late nights running over the guests list or perfecting any mishaps won’t help anyone. It will actually magnify your stress when you aren’t catching enough shuteye.

Stay connected with your Fiancé – You started this journey together and will be there at the end of it. Take some time to spend quality time together and do a date night. It will benefit you both through it all.

Take time for yourself – With everything that needs to be done, you may feel guilty in taking some time off for yourself, but in the long run it will make you much more productive. Find something to do that will take your mind of all the craziness. It may be going to get your nails done, taking a class at the gym, or just turning on the television. Whatever it may be will really help keep you centered.

Deep breaths – There may be a time where you don’t have that extra hour so taking a minute or two to just zone out and take a few deep breaths can help clear your mind.

Ask for help – It is so to take control and feel the need to take over because you want everything to be perfect. It is ok to ask for help and delegate some of the tasks. Not only will a load of stress be taken off of you, but also make others feel involved in your big day.

In the end, you have to remember that it is okay if things don’t go as perfectly planned. It is only normal for things to slip. Take things day-by-day, hour-by-hour, minute-by-minute and don’t forget to ask for help. Everyone deserves all the help they can get to create a day that they will remember forever.


Photos by Joel Ross Photography

Blog Post Written by: Katherine Hardy, EBE INTERN

Richa & Joe Featured in the Fall/Winter Edition of Weddingbells Magazine

Photos by Madix Photography

Exciting news to share! We learned today that one of of our fabulous wedding clients Richa & Joe are being featured in the upcoming Fall/Winter Edition of Weddingbells!

Richa & Joe had a beautiful wedding here in Winnipeg at the Fabulous Fairmont Winnipeg and we were so thrilled to work with them on creating the wedding of their dreams. Mixed with cultural tradition and modern elegance their wedding was stunning from start to finish.

Enjoy the full story at:   http://www.weddingbells.ca/real-weddings/a-traditional-hindu-wedding-in-winnipeg-manitoba/