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This website has taken us many months to develop with a professional web company and we have spent many hours on the creation of the unique design of each page and on how the website looks, feels and reads. Which is why we invite you to visit our site for inspiration and view the services that we provide for our clients, but please note that stealing or copying information from this website for use in brochures, websites, social media (including blogs, tweets, Pinterest etc.) or other materials for the use of selling one’s business for corporate event planning, wedding coordination, party planning, decor design and rentals is strictly prohibited.

We have recently found elements of our site on other sites ranging from copying of paragraphs and changing names to blatantly copying and pasting our event photos for the personal gain of the other company.

It is our practice to view other webpages for information copied or derived from our site and to prosecute those who do not remove the text within 24 hours of notice from our legal department.

The information provided in these pages is the work, solely of Events by Emma to be used exclusively by Events by Emma and its approved partners.

NOTICE: Please be informed that it is ILLEGAL to copy or reproduce, in whole or in part, any information from Events by Emma site without prior written permission from The Events by Emma Corporation.