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We’re GREEN! Won’t you join us?

We want to help you plan an event that lives on forever in your memory, not through its impact on the earth.

We specialize in offering event planning services for clients that want to connect with environmentally conscious vendors, reduce waste and energy use on their big day, support local growers and address and reduce the carbon footprint of their big event. You can pick the scope and scale of the project—we offer the full range of help, from hourly consultations if you just want a few ideas and tips, to full event planning start to finish.

Ready to get started?

Here are a few ideas that show how easy it is to make a big difference!

Celebrate the region and season with your event menu! Select fresh local favorites that allow your guests to sample Manitoba specialties. This means less travel for your food, and more support for our local growers!

“Electronic” paper: OK, we probably love a beautiful piece of stationery more than most, and there is nothing like receiving a beautiful invitation to a special event in the mail. But, why not consider thinning out the invitation a little? Have your guests RSVP by e-mail (you’ll often get a better response this way as well!). And…does anyone REALLY care about the inner envelope? Make the outside one beautiful and it can stand alone!

Want to make your event guests feel good for a moment? Give them the expected favour box of chocolates. Want to make them feel good for a long time (and maybe inspire them too)? Make a donation to a special cause instead of purchasing favours. At your reception, leave a beautiful little note on each table that explains what you have done and what that cause means to you.